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2024WIC debuts at the World Conference on the Internet of things

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Shulou( Report--

At the closing ceremony of the World Internet of things Congress on November 21, Ren Liwei, Executive Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of the World Intelligent Congress, delivered a speech on the theme of "gathering Intelligent Power, presentation of the Development achievements of the World Intelligent Congress". It shares the outstanding achievements of the previous seven World Intelligent Congresses and gives an overall introduction to the planning arrangements of the eighth World Intelligent Congress in 2024.

From November 20 to 21, the 2023 (eighth) World Congress on the Internet of things was held at the Beijing National Convention Center, with business representatives and experts from international institutions and related industries around the world. the discussion focused on improving the strategic positioning of the Internet of things and building a digital new economy global market for the Internet of everything. Centering on the theme of "new things, new era and new economy", the conference held the opening ceremony, the forum of ambassadors, the forum on innovation and application of smart family models, the world new economy forum, the forum for international cooperation, and more than ten parallel forums such as industry, agriculture, energy, transportation federation, artificial intelligence and so on. Un Secretary General Ant ó nio Guterres delivered a written speech at the opening ceremony, and important guests such as Li Bohu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Mei Hong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered speeches. At the same time, they released the initiative of "Building a Global Market for the Digital economy of the Internet of things", calling on countries around the world to remove barriers to the innovative development of the digital economy of the Internet of things and jointly build a smart world supported by the Internet of things. The conference attracted more than 1000 participants, watched more than 10 million online, and was reported by more than 100 mainstream media around the world.

In the promotion session, the eighth World Intelligence Congress 2024 formally issued an invitation to Internet of things enterprises to participate in the exhibition, and the response was enthusiastic. Secretary General Ren Liwei communicated with a number of guests and invited to participate in the eighth Congress. And focus on promoting further cooperation with Spain, Switzerland and other countries.

The organizing committees of the two sides held meetings and delivered an invitation letter to he Xuming, chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of the Internet of things. In the follow-up, the two sides will strengthen in-depth cooperation to promote the landing of new technologies, new solutions, and new applications related to intelligent science and technology, such as the Internet of things and artificial intelligence.

The eighth Congress, scheduled to be held in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Tianjin) in May 2024, will firmly grasp the concept of "high-end, international, professional and market-oriented", and continue to create an international platform of "exhibition competition + intelligent experience". A series of splendid activities such as forums, exhibitions, competitions and intelligent experiences are planned. Continue to create the most authoritative, quality and standard international event that leads the trend of the intelligent era.

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