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Samsung Electronics maintains a dual CEO system and sets up a future business planning team to explore new businesses.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 27, today, Samsung Electronics announced personnel changes in 2024, including two promotions and three job changes.

The main feature of this appointment is the establishment of the "Future career Planning Group" as a deputy director-general-level body to find new business that is not an extension of existing business.

Promote long Xiyu, vice president of visual display business of Samsung Electronics DX division, to head and president of visual display business unit of DX department

Jin Yuanqing, vice president of global public affairs of Samsung Electronics DX Department Management support Office, was promoted to President of Global Public Affairs of Samsung Electronics.

Chun Yongxian, chairman of the board of directors and vice chairman of Samsung SDI, became vice chairman of Samsung Electronics' future business planning department.

Han Zongxi, vice chairman and chief executive officer of Samsung Electronics, head of DX department, head of visual display department, and head of household appliances department, became vice president and head of DX department and home appliances department of Samsung Electronics Company.

Chi Qingxian, president and minister of DS department of Samsung Electronics, became president and head of DS department of Samsung Electronics Company.

Samsung Electronics said it expected to maintain a dual CEO system to promote management stability and lay a sustainable foundation for growth, including strengthening the competitiveness of its core business and developing world-class technology. noted that Samsung Electronics also confirmed that it would announce regular appointments and restructuring of executives below the vice president level in 2024 in the near future.

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