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Guga launches Shadow X5 Pro chassis: supports front 420 water cooling, 299 yuan

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Thanks to netizen OC_Formula for clue delivery! November 27 news, Gu Jia now launched a shadow warrior X5 Pro chassis, front panel support 420 water cooling, Jingdong display for 299 yuan.

This chassis adopts a metal panel hollowed-out design, with 3465 front circular vents and 405 side 5mm vents for better ventilation and heat dissipation, and rear cover side panel cooling holes to improve heat dissipation efficiency.

It supports 7-slot interchange, can bring thermal optimization to vertical graphics cards, supports dual 360 cold row, and upgrades and optimizes integrated IO jumpers and cable management.

This chassis supports mainstream motherboards, compatible with ITX, MATX, ATX, CEB, EATX form factors, a total of 11 fan cooling, and the front panel can support 420 water cooling.

In other aspects, this case provides a front-facing dual USB 3.0 interface, adopts a card structure, supports quick disassembly, with parameter details:

Jingdong Gujia computer mainframe box tower side penetration support 360 water-cooled shadow warrior X5 PRO black 299 yuan direct link

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