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Kyushu Cloud Arrow: Longyun engine reliability test breaks through ten thousand seconds

2024-02-28 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report-- November 27 news, domestic commercial aerospace company Jiuzhou Yunjian announced that recently, Longyun engine passed the reliability appraisal test.

Up to now, Longyun engine has completed more than 120 starts accumulatively, and the reliability test time has exceeded 10000 seconds. The continuous operation of single engine has reached 3700s, and the maximum number of starts has reached 30 times. The repeated use of engine involves a large range of thrust adjustment.(100%~32%), three starts, simple operation and maintenance, low inlet condition start and other key characteristics have been fully evaluated. According to the overall reliability requirements, the evaluation of subcooled propellant, pump cavitation, thermal swing, working condition deviation, mission profile and other items has been completed successively.

Jiuzhou Yunjian is a commercial aerospace company focusing on the development of deep variable thrust liquid oxygen methane engine supporting rocket recovery and reuse. It has complete high and low pressure liquid flow test conditions and engine thermal test bench. Up to now, Jiuzhou Yunjian has accumulatively signed various product and service contracts of nearly 100 million yuan, successfully serving nearly ten customers inside and outside the system.

"Longyun" is the second high-thrust, recoverable liquid rocket engine launched by Jiuzhou Yunjian. The sea level design thrust-weight ratio of "Longyun" engine is>75, the sea level thrust is 70 tons, the vacuum version thrust is 80 tons, and the thrust adjustment range is 30%~110%. At present, the whole engine of "Longyun" has completed multiple starts, deep thrust and long-range test run assessment, passed customer review, and completed thousands of seconds verification in 2021. with engine parameters:

Ground thrust: 686.5kN

Vacuum thrust: 770.2kN

Ground Specific Impulse: 291.2s

Vacuum plate specific impulse: 350s

Engine weight: 880kg

Maximum engine swing angle: ±8°

Thrust adjustment range: 110%-30%

Multiple start capability in a single task: ≥3 times

Single working time: ≥200s

Number of reuses: ≥30

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