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Shandong police cracked the first major cyber crime of a third-party payment company in China: 9.5 billion yuan in capital flows and more than 1.2 million bank accounts.

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Thanks to netizens, my girl is very arrogant for the delivery of clues!, Nov. 27, according to the official account of the Internet Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, Weishan police in Jining, Shandong Province recently cracked the country's first major cyber crime case of a third-party payment company, wiped out five criminal gangs, examined more than 230 people, arrested 41 suspects, more than 1.2 million bank accounts involved, and the capital flow involved reached 9.5 billion yuan.

In March 2021, the Weishan County Public Security Bureau received a clue that the bank account funds of Sun Mou, a resident of the area, were fast in and out, and the transaction was abnormal.

After work, the police arrested Zhu Mouhang and other nine people and seized a case of mobile phones, computers and more than 40 bank cards used in the crime. According to Zhu Hang's confession, he accepted the funds and transferred them out according to the instructions of Li online, and he could get 15 yuan for every 10,000 yuan transferred out.

With the deepening of the investigation, the police found that card merchant Li and others organized "Canon" to provide fund transfer services for the "small X payment" platform, while the "small X payment" platform provided it with 1% of the transfer amount. Card merchant Li and other five people were finally arrested one after another.

After that, the police took out the den of the "small X payment" platform in one fell swoop, arrested four suspects, and found a large number of criminal information such as public accounts, industrial and commercial licenses, bank cards, identity documents, and so on. learned from the police that the owner of the "small X payment" platform is a company holding a third-party payment license. Between 2020 and 2022, the company's fund transfer business occurred many times because of suspected transfer of illegal funds by the police to investigate the situation.

After verification, the trading volume of the funds of these merchants involved was 9.5 billion yuan, 2.63 million funds were paid on their behalf, and more than 1.2 million bank cards were involved.

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