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Changan Automobile: Huawei's proposed new company will not build cars, and the signing of the transaction documents is expected to be completed within 6 months.

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Thanks to netizens for the clues of sharing!, November 27, Changan Automobile and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Investment Cooperation on November 25. After consultation between the two sides, Huawei intends to set up a company engaged in the research, design, production, sales and service of automotive intelligent systems and components solutions (hereinafter referred to as the "target company"). Changan Automobile plans to invest in the target company and carry out strategic cooperation.

According to China Business report, call Changan Automobile Securities Department as an investor to learn that specific cooperation between the two sides is still under negotiation and is expected to be completed within six months. Changan said that Huawei's proposed new company only provides technical support such as solutions and does not build cars.

In addition, Huawei people familiar with the matter told Interface News that "Changan is the only car company to own" is wrong. Huawei has made it clear that it is an open platform, and more car companies will join in the future.

According to people familiar with the matter, Cyrus has received an invitation to co-invest in target companies to jointly participate in the building of an electric, intelligent and open platform. There is no claim that the latest technology is expected to be the first to be given to Avita. learned from the Investment Cooperation Memorandum that Huawei has set up a target company, whose business scope includes automobile intelligent driving solution, car intelligent cockpit, smart car digital platform, smart car cloud, AR-HUD and smart car lights, etc., and injects relevant technologies, assets and personnel dedicated to the business scope of the target company into the target company, and the specific business scope and loading plan are determined in the final transaction document. In this transaction, Changan Automobile and its related parties intend to contribute to acquire the equity of the target company, the proportion of which shall not exceed 40%. The specific equity proportion, capital contribution amount and time limit shall be discussed separately by both parties.

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