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Dark Blue Aerospace Rocket engine 40% Mel 100% online variable thrust test successfully, "Nebula-1" makes its first flight next year.

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Thanks to netizens and special commentators for their clue delivery! November 27 news, Jiangsu Deep Blue Aerospace Co., Ltd. (Deep Blue Aerospace) announced that on November 20, 2023, Deep Blue Aerospace "Thunder-R1" liquid oxygen kerosene engine 40% Mel 100% online variable thrust test was a complete success.

Deep Blue Aerospace has announced that the recoverable carrier rocket Xingyun-1 (Nebula-1) is expected to complete its first test flight at the Hainan commercial space launch site in 2024.

According to the query on the Deep Blue Aerospace official website, the Deep Blue Space "Nebula-1" carrier rocket has a diameter of 3.35m, a fairing length of 4m, and a carrying capacity of 1000 kg @ 500km, supporting rocket one-stage recovery and reuse technology and multi-engine parallel technology.

▲ Tu Yuan Deep Blue Aerospace official website the "Thunder-R1" liquid oxygen kerosene engine carried by this rocket is claimed to be "the first domestic needle bolt technology kerosene engine", with a vacuum thrust of 75-265kR. 85% of the weight of the engine is manufactured by 3D printing and swings behind the pump.

▲ Tuyuan Deep Blue Aerospace official website in October this year, "Thunder-R1" conducted its first long-range test run under rated operating conditions of 420 seconds, the test time covered more than twice the flight time of the first sub-stage of the recyclable rocket "Nebula-1", the engine started and shut down normally, and the whole process worked stably, and the test was a complete success, indicating that the "Thunder-R1" engine has entered a series of boundary, life and reliability test stages.

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