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Hisense "Customs Commodity Intelligent Supervision desk" was unveiled at 2023 Customs Science and Technology equipment Expo

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Shulou( Report--

On November 24, the third Customs Science and Technology equipment Expo was held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center, Qingdao Customs and Hisense jointly participated in the exhibition, and released the Customs Commodity Intelligent Supervision desk on the spot. This product uses "multi-dimensional intelligent identification" technology for the first time in the industry, which can realize rapid identification and efficient inventory of tax-related goods, shorten customs clearance time, improve customs clearance time, optimize customs clearance services, and improve the quality and efficiency of intelligent customs construction.

Standing in front of the gate, behind is the motherland. Customs officers are the first line of defense stationed at the entrance of goods, and they are faced with heavy manual inspection work every day. How to improve quality and efficiency is one of the keys to the construction of intelligent customs. By adopting artificial intelligence technology, the intelligent supervision desk of customs commodities realizes automatic batch identification and accurate price recommendation of duty-related commodities, and provides customs inspectors with a safe, reliable and convenient operation platform for on-site inspection. Intelligent supervision of inbound and outbound luggage and taxation in accordance with the law can be comprehensively improved. At the Expo site, as soon as the new product was unveiled, it quickly became the focus, attracting domestic and foreign exhibitors to stop and watch and communicate in detail with Hisense engineers, and various "cool techs" projects attracted widespread attention.

One of the cool techs Initiative

-- Intelligent identification of bulk goods and opening of "expressways" for travel inspection and customs clearance

The AI algorithm warehouse of commodity information recognition is constructed by using target detection and recognition algorithm, which can quickly extract commodity names, specifications and other information, identify dozens of goods in batches and count them efficiently, and provide intelligent support for the rapid and accurate collection of tax-related commodity information. Travel inspection clearance is like taking the ETC channel on the highway-"second customs clearance".

Part two of the cool techs Initiative

-- Intelligent retrieval of commodity prices, inspection and taxation based on evidence.

Collect customs prices, duty-free commodity prices, mainstream shopping platform commodity prices and Hisense business ecological prices to form a massive price database and establish a price cycle update mechanism to provide timely and accurate price reference for the inspection and taxation of tax-related commodities. There are rules to follow.

Part III of the cool techs Initiative

-- Integrated travel inspection business system to reduce tax burden and improve efficiency

The integration of identity authentication, machine inspection image reading, passenger clearance and other travel inspection business systems, to realize the integration of customs officer login authentication and authorization, image inspection, inspection and taxation, convenient customs officer operation, improve the intelligence level of travel inspection business, and "reduce the burden and improve efficiency" for customs officers.

The cool techs Initiative (IV)

-- build a tax data model and weave a dense travel inspection "risk prevention and control network"

Accumulate taxable commodity price information at many tourist inspection ports across the country, form a data account, and analyze the taxation behavior of each port, standardize on-site law enforcement, and guard against the risk of clean government. Data analysis can also be carried out according to business needs, such as analyzing the price and taxation of certain commodities at national ports at the same time to prevent regulatory risks such as "water passenger" drift. it is of positive significance to crack down on smuggling of water passengers and tax-free purchasing on outlying islands.

Build a wise customs and guard the security of the country. As a pioneer in the construction of a smart city, Hisense has further broadened its business layout, continuously strengthened the exploration and application of science and technology, actively promoted the deep integration of technology and business, and helped to strengthen customs supervision, improve the level of service, and expand a high level of opening up to the outside world. endow the construction of the wisdom customs to a new level.

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