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Ding Zero launched the first access to the Mi platform indoor binocular camera Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding debut

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On November 25, 2023, Ding Zero, a brand of Xiaomi ecological chain company Beijing Mad King Technology, launched the first indoor dual camera connected to Mi's IOT to meet the needs of consumers for multi-point simultaneous monitoring. As of November 27, more than 14000 people had participated in crowdfunding reservations.

One camera with two cameras, it is more secure to monitor from multiple angles at the same time

Although the traditional head camera can achieve panoramic monitoring, it can not monitor multiple points at the same time, and there is still a large blind area at the same time. The Ding Zero dual camera S1 is equipped with upper and lower cameras, the upper head lens can rotate freely and supports a 360-degree horizontal visual angle; the lower fixed lens supports a 100-degree vertical visual angle, it is also equipped with an adjustable angle mounting bracket, and dual images can be displayed at the same time on the App. Fixed viewing angle + mobile viewing angle, double-lens dynamic and static monitoring, taking into account the key areas and omni-directional monitoring needs.

Multi-function hardcore camera, take care of the house calmly

Tinker double camera S1 has built-in 4 high-power white lights and 8 infrared night vision lights, which have two night vision modes: full-color night vision and infrared night vision. the camera can capture surveillance scenes clearly even in dim light environments. panoramic view of all possible dangers. At the same time, the camera supports acousto-optic alarm function. When the defense mode is turned on, the camera will automatically issue a warning sound when an unusual object appears in the screen, trigger a light warning at night, and push messages to the mobile phone APP at the same time to eliminate more dangers.

In terms of real-time monitoring, Ding Zero dual camera S1 uses advanced H.265 coding technology, which can play smoother videos than other coding methods in the same network state, in other words, when users view real-time pictures through Ding Zero dual cameras, they will not encounter problems such as video stutter and picture delay, which improves the user experience. In addition, the camera also has many practical functions, such as mobile detection and two-way intercom, so that users can know the situation at home in time even if they are not at home, and take corresponding measures.

More secure privacy protection with Mijia security chip

With the enhancement of public awareness of network security, users pay more and more attention to the privacy and security of the camera. Ding Zero dual camera S1 has made great efforts on user privacy security in addition to the functional hard core. The camera has a built-in Mijia security chip, each chip has a unique private key and certificate, supports the international ECC security algorithm, and ensures the data security of users. At the same time, support linkage with other rice home devices, such as intelligent door locks, smart sensors, etc., you can set intelligent scene mode, such as: leave home mode on, the device automatically wakes up and defends.

It is reported that this Ding Zi dual camera S1 will officially launch crowdfunding in Xiaomi Youpin on November 30. the basic crowdfunding price is 139 yuan, and the crowdfunding price of a suit with 64G card is 179 yuan. I wonder if you will be impressed by such an affordable price.

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