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Toyota new energy vehicles change signs and add blue dots to show the difference.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) Toyota has added a blue halo to the T-shaped logo of its hybrid models since 2009 to show the difference. However, sharp-eyed readers may have found that although the new Camry is also a hybrid model, it does not use this logo, which is why?

In fact, instead of adding a blue halo to the Toyota logo, the new Camry added a blue dot next to the letter "HEV" (for hybrid cars) next to the trunk. Toyota revealed in an X (formerly Twitter) post in September that the new dot symbolizes its "commitment to human happiness on earth and its desire to pass it on to the next generation".

This means that the new blue dot will replace the previous highlight logo as the common logo of Toyota's new hybrids, plug-in hybrids, all-electric vehicles and fuel-cell electric vehicles. This has been confirmed by a Toyota spokesman, and the change began with the Camry, Crown and Toyota's most famous hybrid car, the Prius. noted that Toyota's other electrified models, such as the RAV4, Visa and Corolla, still retain the blue T-shaped logo because they are not updated enough to change the label. However, they will soon be replaced with blue dots.

As mentioned earlier, this dot will also appear at the rear of other Toyota new energy models, including pure electric cars. The blue dot can already be seen in the preview of the upcoming bZ3X, with the letter "BEV" next to it (for pure electric cars).

It is worth noting that Toyota wants to produce many types of new energy models, not just pure electric vehicles, to achieve its environmental goals, so using this dot on multiple models helps to emphasize its strategy.

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