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Wikipedia founder: ChatGPT is totally unreliable to write Wikipedia articles.

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Shulou( Report--, November 27 (Xinhua) Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales (Jimmy Wales) believes that ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chat robot developed by OpenAI, is a mess when it comes to writing Wikipedia articles. noted that the founder of the free online encyclopedia said in an interview with European news station Next that ChatGPT-4 was "terrible" and "completely unusable" when writing Wikipedia articles.

Wales pointed out that ChatGPT-4 "missed a lot of content, miswrote a lot of facts, and miswritten it in a seemingly reasonable way, and it made up some sources, which is a mess."

Wales believes that superhuman AI may take at least 50 years to achieve.

Will Wikipedia use AI in the future? Wales is not very interested in the current generative AI model, but he is willing to consider the possibility of using AI to serve Wikipedia.

He believes that if there is an AI tool that can identify errors in Wikipedia articles by comparing Wikipedia articles with the sources on which they are based, then AI can play an important role in reducing inaccurate information on the platform.

Wales says Wikipedia is willing to work with an open source AI company, as long as it is freely available and in line with Wikipedia principles. However, he pointed out that there are no specific plans at present. "most companies, not just charities like us, will say that if you want to put a technology controlled by others at the core of your business, you have to be very careful," he said. because if they go in a different direction, your whole business may be at risk. "

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