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Standard Chartered China and Hang Seng China become the first batch of foreign banks to launch digital RMB business.

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Shulou( Report-- November 27 news, today Standard Chartered Bank (China) Co., Ltd. announced that through the City Bank Clearing Services Co., Ltd., access to the digital RMB interconnection platform, began to provide customers with digital RMB exchange, including recharging and redemption and other related business. Standard Chartered China has also become one of the first foreign banks to participate in the pilot digital RMB business.

In addition, Hang Seng Bank (China) Co., Ltd. also announced that it has connected to the digital RMB interconnection platform through the City Bank Clearing Service Co., Ltd., and officially launched the "digital RMB" business. At this point, Hang Seng China has also become one of the first foreign banks to launch "digital RMB" business.

According to, up to now, digital RMB has been piloted for more than three years, and 26 pilot areas in 17 provinces and cities have been formed, and a large number of replicable and popularizing application models have been formed in the fields of wholesale and retail, catering, culture and tourism, education and medical care, and public services.

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