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Xiaomi intelligent electric thermos bottle 5L is available for sale in all channels: support accurate temperature regulation, to 299 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- November 27 news, Xiaomi Mall announced today, Mijia intelligent electric thermos bottle 5L has been sold through all channels, the initial price of 299 yuan. noted that the new product was crowdfunded in September this year for 269 yuan, and then went through a small range of sales in October. Different from the previous two times, Mijia Smart Electric Thermos Bottle 5L is expected to provide more stock in a new round of sales. summarizes Xiaomi Mijia intelligent electric thermos bottle 5L details as follows:

It adopts "mother and infant grade" glass liner, 316 stainless steel heating plate and hard glass water outlet pipeline.

Support one-button to extend boiling time, can deeply evaporate residual chlorine in water.

Maximum power 1600W, 5 liters of water can boil in 18 minutes.

Equipped with Mijia innovative cooling circulation air duct technology, it can "save about half of the waiting time" for rapid cooling of boiling water.

Support three boiling modes: tap water mode (boiling water insulation), purified water mode (direct insulation), cold white boiling mode (boiling water cooling)

Stepless temperature regulation and insulation between 40℃ and 90 ℃ are available. Silicon controlled rectifier is used for insulation.

The shell adopts glass liner + PP shell double-layer isolation design, with hollow insulation layer.

Self-adaptive boiling point: can automatically judge the local boiling point after the first boiling, reset the equipment can be judged again.

Access Mijia App, you can customize the water temperature on the mobile phone for insulation and other operations.

Jingdong Xiaomi Mijia intelligent electric thermos bottle 5L299 yuan direct link

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