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Ubisoft "Black five" plus one: the game "Assassin Creed: great Hero" is available for free for a limited time.

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Thanks to netizen epace for the clue delivery!, November 27 (Xinhua)-- Ubisoft has just announced through its official WeChat that the last bus of Black five promotional benefits is coming, and the "Assassin's Creed: great Heroes" is available for free. partners can store the game freely when they enter the Ubisoft Mall and click "get for free" on the product page. According to the official store page, the offer will end at 2:00 on December 6.

The work, which went on sale on November 19, 2015, supports both simplified and traditional Chinese. The official support platforms are PC, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PS4.

On the game: 1868, London. Lead your underground organizations in the heart of the industrial revolution to expand your sphere of influence and defeat those scum who exploit the vulnerable in the name of progress.

Players will play the arrogant, rebellious Jacob Frye, from Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, fighting and winning in the vast open world of Victorian London.

Led by Jacob, players can build the most ferocious gang in Britain, the only force that can challenge the elite, defeat rival gangs and bring freedom to the oppressed.

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