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The Volkswagen brand is planning layoffs to achieve a savings plan of 10 billion euros

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 28 (Reuters)-Volkswagen's 10 billion euros ( Note: currently about 78.3 billion yuan) savings plan will include layoffs, executives told employees on Monday, brand head Thomas Schaefer (Thomas Schaefer) warned that high costs and low productivity make its cars uncompetitive.

Volkswagen is in talks with the labor committee on a cost-cutting plan for the Volkswagen brand, the first step in improving the efficiency of the transformation of electric vehicles across the group.

"We are no longer as competitive as the Volkswagen brand because of many of our existing structures, processes and high costs," Schaefer said at a staff meeting at the Wolfsburg carmaker's headquarters, according to a post on Volkswagen's intranet. "

The company had previously said it planned to use the "population curve" to reduce its workforce and promised no layoffs until 2029.

Gunnar Kilian, a member of the Human Resources Committee, said at the meeting that this would be achieved through partial or early retirement agreements.

Kilian added that a large part of the savings target of 10 billion euros would be achieved through measures other than layoffs, details of which would be determined by the end of the year.

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