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China's radio and television services extend to Sansha, the southernmost city in China.

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Shulou( Report--, November 28, China Radio and Television announced today that on November 23, the Sansha service station of China Cable Hainan Branch, a subsidiary of China Radio and Television Co., Ltd., was held in Yongxing Island, Sansha City. The establishment of Sansha service station indicates that China's radio and television services have been extended to the southernmost cities of the motherland, which will effectively boost Sansha City to further improve its radio and television infrastructure and enhance the level of radio and television and emergency broadcasting services.

According to reports, in recent years, through terrestrial digital television transmission, China Cable Hainan Branch has covered 40 sets of TV programs to Yongxing Island, Zhaoshu Island, and the surrounding islands in Sansha, solving the problem of residents' difficulty in watching TV. in addition, 18 sets of emergency broadcast terminals and 11 electronic newspaper screens have been set up in Yongxing Island, Zhaoshu Island and other communities to further meet the spiritual and cultural needs of residents stationed on the island.

According to previous reports, in September this year, Yang Guorui, deputy director of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, revealed that China Radio and Television jointly built 578000 700MHz 5G base stations, of which the actual total number of usable base stations (including 700MHz base stations and 5G and 4G base stations shared by China Mobile) exceeded 3.8 million, achieving continuous coverage of administrative areas above township level and effective coverage in rural areas, and China's radio and television 5G subscribers exceeded 18 million.

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