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Samsung Harman Harman acquires Roon music player platform

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Shulou( Report-- November 28 news, Samsung today issued an announcement, announced that Samsung Electronics wholly-owned subsidiary Harman International (Harman International) acquired Roon.

According to reports, Roon is a music player platform designed for music lovers, compatible with almost any audio device, and has a very excellent sound quality playback engine, suitable for all mainstream operating systems, and it also has a series of hardware products called Nucleus. learned from the official that in the future, Roon will become a business unit of Harman as an independent operation, retaining its existing team. In short, Roon will continue in full accordance with its current mode of operation.

All monthly, annual and lifetime subscriptions are still valid and will continue to be updated.

Trial users will continue to be in a trial state and switch in the normal way.

The billing process will not change.

All supported audio products will continue to be compatible with Roon and will provide new Roon Ready and Roon Tested product certifications for all brands.

There will be no layoffs and the original team will remain unchanged.

Dave Rogers, president of Harman Life, said, "the Roon team is as keen as we are to bring excellent sound quality and connectivity to music lovers, whether at home or out. We look forward to welcoming Roon to the Harman family, and their outstanding talents will enhance our already strong engineering capabilities."

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