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The largest high-tech fair in history: more than 3, 000 people consulted GOOVIS

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Shulou( Report--

In November 2023, Shenzhen Nader Optics Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Nader Optics") attended the 25th China International High-tech Fair ("Hi-Tech Fair") with its ultra-high definition near-eye display product GOOVIS G3 Max. GOOVIS G3 Max showed the immersive experience of portable IMAX-level private cinema to the exhibitors and provided the possibility of multi-scene application.

As the "fourth screen" in life, G3 Max is called "viewing head showing ceiling" by users, which fully reflects its superiority in wearing comfort, optical performance, display ability and adaptation ability. According to incomplete statistics, during this exhibition, more than 3000 people consulted and experienced GOOVIS G3 Max, praising the quality of its ultra-high and clear display.

The easy creation of IMAX-class portable private cinema booths has attracted much attention.

Many exhibitors have stopped to wait for a live experience of IMAX-level private cinemas, and the live viewing experience area has become one of the most popular exhibition areas. "it's like being in IMAX, just like a cinema," one experiencer lamented as soon as he put on GOOVIS. "the clarity is so good!" A young digital enthusiast praised it after experiencing it for more than ten minutes. It is worth mentioning that GOOVIS is a rare head display that supports Blu-ray 3D on the market, easy to play the original Blu-ray disc, and the naked-eye 3D effect is very intuitive in front of the eyes, which surprises visitors.

More experienced people said: "I think this thing (G3 Max) will take up a lot of my time, and I may not even find it when I wear it to sleep." Although many experience points have been arranged at the scene, every experience position has been surrounded for five days, and many exhibitors have been sitting in the experience area for more than ten minutes, unwittingly immersed in it.

The game area is unprecedentedly popular and audiences experience "playing games in cinemas" one after another.

In the live game area, GOOVIS connects PC, PS5 and handset to experience the game. After the experience, some viewers described it as "like playing games in the cinema, cool!" The staff said that compared with the traditional game display, GOOVIS's HD screen can make the game details more clear and comprehensive, allowing players to quickly capture the main points of the details; at the same time, the closed visual environment allows players to immerse themselves in it and focus on the game world without being disturbed by the outside world. In addition, the headwear display can liberate the posture and cervical vertebra, and even lie down, making the control of the game more comfortable, and the high refresh rate of 120Hz also makes the game experience smooth and sensitive.

It has its own myopia adjustment function and is praised for taking off its glasses and making it clear to the naked eye.

"the function of adjusting myopia is so good!"it is very good to adjust myopia!" Many friends wearing glasses at the exhibition praised repeatedly after experiencing the myopia adjustment function of GOOVIS. The GOOVIS G3 Max supports a wide range of accurate diopter adjustment and is the first digital feedback function to display degrees on the screen in real time to prevent eye fatigue caused by "blind adjustment". After wearing it, users only need to turn the knobs on both sides to adjust the diopter, which is very user-friendly and does not have any learning cost.

The successful exhibition of GOOVIS G3 Max at the Hi-tech Fair is a strong confirmation of the company's continuous innovation and scientific and technological strength, as a "global high image quality" HD head display, G3 Max is rated as "shadow head shows the ceiling", can connect PS5, mobile phones, computers, Blu-ray machines, drones and other equipment, its ultra-HD, giant screen, eye protection, portable, strong expansion and other advantages, can be fully used in watching movies, games, aerial photography, 3D display and other fields.

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