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With a year-on-year increase of 230%, Guo Mingyi estimates that Huawei P70 series phones will ship 1300-15 million units next year: long focus periscope lens.

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Shulou( Report-- November 28, Tianfeng Securities analyst Guo Mingyi released a market research briefing today, predicting that Huawei will launch a new P70 series, including P70, P70 Pro and Pro Art models, in the first half of 2024.

The high-end lens suppliers of Huawei's P70 series are Da Liguang and Shunyu Optics, with a slightly higher proportion of the former.

Guo Mingyi said that the estimated shipments for the P60 series in 2023 are 400-5 million units, while the P70 series in 2024 is expected to ship 1300-15 million units next year, an increase of about 230 per cent year-on-year, thanks to the upgrading of camera specifications and the use of self-developed Kirin chips.

Even as demand slows in the first half of 2024, Huawei's P70 series is expected to ship 1000-12 million units next year, up 150 per cent from a year earlier.

Attached to, the selling points of Huawei P70 are as follows:

Using a telephoto periscope, the P70 is a 5p lens (1max 3.6 inches), and the P70 Pro and P70 Art are both 6P lenses (1p 2.5 inches).

The P70 Art wide-angle camera uses a high-specification 1-inch CIS and 1G6P glass hybrid lens. Because of the molded glass, the unit price of the 1G6P lens is about 4-5 times that of the 7p. It is worth noting that because the molded glass is big Liguang and Shunyu optical self-made, it is beneficial to the profit.

The "G" here stands for "Glass", that is, the glass lens, and the "P" stands for "Plastic", which refers to the plastic lens, which is more expensive than the plastic lens. The more lenses, the higher the cost. High-quality cameras should use glass lenses, whose imaging effect is better than plastic lenses.

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