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Glory MagicOS 8.0 starts internal test recruitment, Magic 5 / 4 series can participate in the first batch.

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Thanks to netizens for their confident eyebrows, Xiaoyi, tourists 170001, MyShine clues delivery! November 28 news, according to netizens' feedback, Glory MagicOS 8.0 has now started internal test recruitment, the first batch of participating models include Magic 5 series and Magic 4 series. with participating models:

Glory Magic 5

Honor Magic 5 Pro

Honorable Magic 5 to Zhuan version

Glory Magic 4

Honor Magic 4 Pro

Glory Magic 4 to Zhenzhen version

Registration path: my Honor App > Club Plate > upgrade Taste > Internal Test Application, and then sign up according to the prompt.

Recruitment: 3000 users were recruited for each series of products, 2500 for Magic 5 series log version and 2500 without log version, and 2500 for Magic 4 series log version and 2500 without log version.

Recruitment time: November 28-December 14, 2023.

It is reported that this recruitment only supports mobile / tablet App registration. Before signing up, please make sure that "my Honor" App is upgraded to version or above (you can enter the application market to upgrade "my Honor" App to the latest version). In addition, Glory Magic 5 series baseline version number is (based on this version can be upgraded), Glory Magic 4 series baseline version number is

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