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"against the current and cold" mobile game linkage "never robbed forever", known as "the aesthetic collision between Prince NetEase and the sinful son"

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Shulou( Report-- November 28 news, NetEase "against the cold" mobile game announced that ushered in the "game linkage track" the first linkage, and NetEase's own PC popular game "forever robbed forever" cooperation, known as "Prince NetEase and NetEase sinister son of the aesthetic collision."

Linked fashion will be launched on Thursday, November 30, and Ji Yingying, the two "eternal" popular characters "impermanence" Ji Yingying & "Wuwei Marquis" Yue Shan's same fashion will be sold at the mall for 98 yuan and support the use of half-price coupons.

According to reports, Ji Yingying rivers and lakes respectfully known as "Bai impermanence", wearing clothes to show her ability as a female killer. The main body is in black and white color, and the sleeves are widely embroidered with the iconic ghost face embroidery of the company, with the soul chain elements at the end of the sleeve, which can be identified without more words.

Men's fashion chose Yue Shan to cut through difficulties in the battlefield, incarnating the brave image of Shura. The hideous scars on the chest need not be erased. They are the medals of victory in the battle of iron and blood. Between the tense tattoos, the scorching sun is burning, and even the thorns are hard to block. The eyes of the beast at the waist were burning and the fangs were sharp, which made the enemy tremble.

As previously reported by, the new expansion film "banishing the Immortals and Thunder Yin", which launched in October, includes a joint plan, "my rivers and lakes, I am in charge," inviting 5000 million players to vote on who to work with.

"against the cold" mobile games official said that as early as the beginning of the service, the operator and "forever robbed forever" reached a linkage intention. And in this linkage voting stage, "Forever robbery" also successfully entered the fourth place in the game track.

In addition, the second round of mobile games "against the cold" and "forever robbing forever" are also under planning. "against the cold" mobile games also hope to be linked with Tencent's national MOBA game "Arena of Valor". Even the name of the cooperation has been figured out. Take the "cold" against the cold water, Arena of Valor's "king", and call it the "cold king plan".

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