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Cloud Whale announces access to Huawei Hongmeng Zhaopin hardware ecosystem to support custom scene settings

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Thanks to netizen Qingqingziyin for the clue delivery!, November 28, Huawei unveiled a new generation of whole-house smart solutions at the full-scene press conference of Zi Jie S7 and Huawei this afternoon. Cloud Whale Intelligence, a cleaning robot brand, has officially become a partner of Hongmeng Zhaopin, and its product, Yunwhale sweeping and dragging robot J3, is the first to support Hongmeng Zhaopin.

According to reports, in the future, users can easily control the cloud whale sweeping robot J3 through Huawei Smart Life App, Huawei intelligent central control screen and Huawei Xiaoyi voice butler, and realize the linkage of smart home scene.

Through Huawei Smart Life App, users can control cloud whale J3 with one click, including start and stop, switch cleaning mode, set mop backwash frequency, manage scheduled tasks, and view important information such as cleaning status and remaining power. In addition, the product is also equipped with smart home scene linkage functions, such as away from home mode. After the setting is completed, the robot can automatically start the cleaning task after the user leaves home.

As previously reported by, Huawei Intelligent 5.0 is equipped with multi-scene intelligent switch Mondrian panel, intelligent MINI Pro, Sky Sound Music Lights, and HarmonyOS's new UX interface. Huawei House Intelligent 5.0 equipped with self-developed PLC solution, known as "the industry's first PLC intelligent host", to achieve the whole house connection, network disconnection can be controlled.

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