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European Central Bank study: AI has a greater impact on wages than jobs

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Beijing, Nov. 28 (Xinhua) according to a research report released by the European Central Bank on Tuesday, the rapid spread of AI may reduce employees' wages, but so far, AI is creating rather than destroying jobs, especially for young people and highly skilled people.

In recent years, a large number of companies have invested heavily in AI, making economists compete to study its impact on the labor market, but the new technology has also begun to make more people worry about future employment.

Although recessions usually relieve pressure on the labour market, employers still struggle to find enough workers with good skills.

According to a research bulletin issued by the European Central Bank, in a sample survey of 16 European countries, the proportion of employment in those industries affected by AI has increased, with low-and middle-skilled jobs largely unaffected, while high-skilled jobs have received the greatest boost and promotion.

But the study also mentions the "neutral to slightly negative impact" of AI on income and says the impact is likely to increase.

"these results do not mean that AI will not have an impact on employment," the study said. "AI technologies are still being developed and adopted, and most of their impact on employment and wages, as well as on growth and equity, is not yet apparent."

The findings are in sharp contrast to the previous "technology wave", when computerization reduced the "relative employment proportion of moderately skilled workers" and led to "polarization".

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