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Glory executives say competitors are welcome to follow up on eye protection technology.

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Shulou( Report--

At the launch of the Glory 100 series of new products on November 23, Glory unveiled a new "Oasis" screen, the biggest highlight of which is "Eye Protection".

According to the official introduction, the "Oasis" eye protection screen can achieve quasi-natural light eye protection, including the Glory 100Pro equipped with the "Oasis" eye protection screen, supporting 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM zero-risk dimming, simulating natural light zero strobe, simulating natural light brightness changes, simulating natural light time changes and other functions. It is said that harmful blue light is less than 5.6%, and melatonin secreted by the human body increases by 20%.

After the meeting, Glory CEO Zhao Ming said in an interview that it took Glory three years to build industry-leading eye protection technologies such as 3840Hz UHF PWM dimming, which has been shared with the entire industry through partners. Zhao Ming called on competitors to speed up the follow-up of the technology and use technological advances to benefit more consumers.

Jiang Hairong, CMO of Glory China, also said that competitors are welcome to follow Glory Oasis and "work together to create a broader eye protection oasis for consumers."

It is worth noting that Redmi also announced the upgrade of K70 Pro screen eye protection, which will work with authoritative eye hospitals to customize 6 dimensions, 19 test indicators, bring "Green Hill Eye Protection" screen, and claim to be an "epoch-making eye protection solution".

At present, smart phones have become an inseparable device for people, and eye protection has also become a hard demand for more and more people.

No matter "Oasis Eye Protection" or "Castle Peak Eye Protection", it is undeniable that screen eye protection technology has become the key point of industry competition. For consumers, this should be popular, after all, when the industry begins to roll up in technology, consumers can enjoy the fun of technological progress.

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