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Glory Zhao Ming: competitors are welcome to follow up the eye protection screen technology.

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Shulou( Report--

At the launch of the Glory 100 series of new products on November 23, the new Glory Oasis Eye Protection screen was officially released. According to officials, the "Oasis" eye protection screen equipped with Glory 100 Pro supports 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM zero-risk dimming, can simulate zero strobe of natural light, and achieve eye protection advantages such as simulating natural light brightness and simulating natural light time changes.

After the product launch, Glory CEO Zhao Ming said in an interview that it took Glory three years to build industry-leading eye protection technologies such as 3840Hz UHF PWM dimming, which has been shared with the entire industry through partners.

Before the official release of the "Oasis" eye protection screen, Glory also set up the "Oasis Eye Protection Lab". On the basis of jointly with 10 + research institutions and holding 100 + eye protection related patents, 1 billion + R & D expenses will be invested in the next 3 years. Adhere to the new research direction of humanization, specialization and standardization.

It is understood that in the past 3 years, Glory has invested 1 billion + display R & D expenses in the field of eye protection screen and obtained 500 + display related patents.

Zhao Ming said in an interview that eye protection is a comprehensive discipline that requires multi-party cooperation and the intervention of medical research institutions. Glory set up the Oasis Eye Protection Lab, which aims to focus on eye protection research, and to take Oasis eye protection as a long-term development direction. In the past three years, Glory has invested 1 billion in research and development, and may invest more than 1 billion in the next three years. Be sure to create a leading eye protection screen.

In the interview, Zhao Ming also called on competitors to speed up the follow-up of the technology and use technological advances to benefit more consumers.

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