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M30 Pro, Xiaomi's omnipotent sweeping and dragging robot, is on the shelves: innovative hair cutting base, priced at 4699 yuan

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! November 28 news, the 10th anniversary of Redmi and K70 series of new products will be held at 7: 00 tomorrow night. M30 Pro, a millet omnipotent sweeping and dragging robot, is now on the e-commerce platform with a price tag of 4699 yuan ( Note: subject to the opening price).

According to reports, this sweeping and dragging robot innovatively adopts "hair cutting" base and is equipped with high-strength stainless steel cutting module. After the robot completes the cleaning task and returns to the base, it rotates at 60 rpm and moves around to and fro to cut off the hair wound around the rolling brush efficiently, and at the same time, the super suction suction sucks the broken hair into the dust box.

The product supports up to 60 ℃ hot water cleaning mop, making it easier to dissolve stubborn stains such as sauces; hot air drying for 2 hours at most, no hand washing or drying; supporting double air duct automatic dust collection technology, throwing dust bags up to 75 days; standard 4L super capacity clean water tank and sewage tank, known as "240m ²large household can also be cleaned at one time", and supporting optional automatic water supply and sewerage device.

In addition, the M30 Pro also supports "human eye level AI object recognition", which can recognize 55 kinds of objects such as slippers, socks, scales, etc.; upgraded AI dirt recognition algorithm, real-time recognition of multiple particles on the ground, intelligent re-scanning; equipped with LED night vision supplementary lights, intelligently turn on or turn off lights according to ambient light; using LDS laser navigation, support 360 °house scanning, rapid mapping, equipped with 7000Pa fan Intelligently identify the carpet, mop automatically lift and automatically raise the suction gear.

The product also supports Mijia App and Xiaoai voice control, supports remote cleaning tasks, and supports customized functions such as scheduled cleaning and forbidden zone settings. Through Mijia App, the product can be linked with door locks, air purifiers and other millet intelligent equipment, leaving home to start cleaning automatically. Xiaomi omnipotent sweeping and dragging robot M30Pro4699 yuan direct link

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