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Ikea launches three smart home sensors: detect movement, doors and windows, and water leakage, starting from 7.99 euros.

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Shulou( Report-- November 29 news, IKEA currently launched three smart home sensors, respectively Parasoll, Vallhorn and Badring, these sensors are designed to detect movement, door and window movement, water leakage and other problems, using Zigbee protocol, with gateway compatible Apple HomeKit.

IKEA Parasoll is a sensor installed on doors or windows, priced at 9.99 euros ( note: currently about 78 yuan), used to detect when doors and windows are opened.

IKEA Vallhorn is a motion sensor priced at 7.99 euros (currently about 63 yuan) that detects motion and lights up when someone passes by, allowing users to adjust the sensor's light color and illumination intensity level.

IKEA Badring is a flooding sensor that costs 9.99 euros (currently about 78 yuan). Users can place the sensor near potential sources of leakage such as pipes or washing machines. If the sensor is flooded, it will issue an alarm or send a notification to the mobile phone.

IKEA said Parasoll and Vallhorn will be available in January 2024, but Badring will not be available until April 2024, and related products are expected to be available in the future.

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