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Star Meizu MYVU AR glasses will provide myopic glasses matching service, combined with PhD glasses.

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Shulou( Report--

Thank you to for your lead delivery! November 29 news, Star Ji Meizu brand-new XR brand name "MYVU," the first AR glasses will be launched at this week's launch conference.

According to the official latest warm-up, MYVU United Doctor Glasses provides doctor glasses service for AR smart glasses myopic users, 1 yuan blind subscription users can upgrade doctor glasses service free of charge.

Shen Ziyu, chairman and CEO of Xingji Meizu Group, has already revealed the appearance of this AR glasses. As you can see from the picture, the product adopts a sunglass-like design. The lens is relatively large, and the front half of the temple is expected to accommodate a lot of components, so it looks wider, but it can still be worn out of the door design.

According to introduction, the brand pioneered "light intelligent FlymeAR interactive system," adopting revolutionary human factor design, integrating cutting-edge AR technology, will "make all-weather fashion possible."

From the previous warm-up, FlymeAR system will use the new Aicy voice assistant, claiming that "it will bring you creative creation, custom character chat, smart strategy development, Aicy all-round question and answer, omniscient." "

In addition, the glasses claim to be the first QQ music quality certification AR smart glasses, using "dual-mode true wireless" connection mode, the slogan is "no worries," that is to say, there is no need to use physical lines to connect power supply, data equipment.

2023 Meizu Autumn Unbounded Ecology Conference will be held at 14:30 on November 30, when AR glasses, new Flyme and Flyme Auto ecosystem, Meizu 21, PANDAER and other products will be released, will follow up the report as soon as possible.

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