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Sony SIE announced a partnership with Jian Ling developer NCSoft to develop Horizon IP follow-up games

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Shulou( Report-- November 29 news, NCsoft is a Korean online game company, has launched "Tower of Eternity,""Sword Spirit,""Heaven,""Guild Wars 2" and other works.

NCsoft, on behalf of Kim Zechen, today signed a partnership agreement with Jim Ryan, current president of Sony SIE, to establish a global strategic business partnership and collaborate in areas including mobile platforms, according to the company's official press release.

NCsoft claims that by working with Sony SIE, the two companies will actively create synergies around core capabilities, technologies and expertise to bring new experiences to players across genres and regions.

Sony claims that Sony and NCsoft will go beyond home consoles to reach more players and strengthen SIE strategy.

Sony has repeatedly stated that it will strengthen the strategic goal of service-oriented games in the future, and this cooperation may also be related to this. also noted that in addition, there was news last year that Sony SIE expected to hand over its new Horizon series IP to NCsoft for development and production, and the initial development code was Project H.

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