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Super hard core! TCL Huaxing landed in the first chain Expo, leading the industry trend with cutting-edge technology.

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"Link the world and create the future together". On November 28, the first China International supply chain Promotion Expo opened in China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Pavilion). This chain Expo is a public platform for communication and cooperation built by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade for the stable and smooth flow of the global industrial chain supply chain. it is also the world's first national exhibition with the theme of the supply chain, attracting many industry leaders to participate in the exhibition.

As a key part of the global semiconductor display industry chain and supply chain, TCL Huaxing was invited to participate in the exhibition. More than ten cutting-edge technology display products and a series of advanced materials have made a major debut, showing the leading strength of the full screen. The display technology feast brought by TCL Huaxing has aroused widespread concern at the scene.

"head wild goose" promotes the strengthening of upstream and downstream cooperation and leads the global display of the ecological circle.

In the digital information age, with the continuous integration of display and 5G, big data, artificial intelligence and other new generation information technology, the new display industry is growing at a high speed. TCL Huaxing penance internal skills, practice cooperation, constantly give play to the "chain master" enterprise driving effect, help show that the industry leaps forward to the high end of the value chain.

Up to now, TCL Huaxing has established bases in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Huizhou, Suzhou, Guangzhou and India. With 9 panel production lines, the products cover large and medium-sized panels and touch modules, electronic whiteboards, splicing walls, vehicles, e-sports and other high-end display applications. Through technological innovation and forward-looking layout, TCL Huaxing continues to deepen its value in the global display industry chain and supply chain.

TCL Huaxing works closely with upstream and downstream partners through four major channels to build a global leading symbiotic and win-win eco-industrial system! In the field of upstream materials and equipment, TCL Huaxing works with more than 1000 supply chain partners to build a secure and stable diversified supply chain. In terms of application innovation, TCL Huaxing and head user enterprises jointly develop subdivided application scenarios. In terms of technological innovation, TCL Huaxing takes the lead in setting up an innovation display center and technological innovation platform to accelerate the layout of the next generation of cutting-edge display technology and improve the rhythm and efficiency of the transformation from technology to commerce. In addition, TCL Huaxing and scientific research institutes jointly carry out in-depth industry-university-research cooperation to promote the synchronous and high-quality development of industry-university-research.

Cutting-edge products shine brilliantly, prying up the wisdom of "screen life"

At this Expo, TCL Huaxing set displays many star products and advanced materials. Take the leading scientific and technological strength to increase the power of multi-field scenes, and pry the intelligent "screen life" with the ability of innovative application.

31 "4K 120Hz printed OLED electronic competition screen not only has 4K high resolution, but also has the advantages of ultra-high refresh rate of 120Hz and ultra-low response time of 0.1ms. Let the players bid farewell to the helplessness of delay and trailing, and coruscate the wonderful game of extreme immersion. This display uses self-luminous RGB OLED technology to achieve millions of levels of ultra-high contrast. No matter chasing TV dramas or playing games, don't miss every detail. This display also has a high color gamut of > 99% DCI-P3, giving competitors an unparalleled visual perception.

The world's first 57 "DUHD 240Hz R1000 curved surface electric competition screen is also the world's first 8K e-sports display." This display is equipped with TCL Huaxing self-developed HVA technology, 240Hz high brush with DUHD7680*2160 high resolution, so that every frame is amazing. Its R1000 curvature with ultra-wide display scale (32:9), and has the advantage of fast 1ms response, allowing players to easily grasp the overall situation in the game. The display is also perfectly compatible with Freesync and Gsync modes, fully adapting to the extreme needs of high-end games.

China's first mass-produced 2K LTPO extremely narrow frame four-curve OLED screen, with 2K high-definition resolution, brings a lifelike picture texture, with extremely narrow frame 0.9mm and its own four-curve design, the screen ratio is as high as 93%, enjoying a comprehensive screen super visual experience. This screen can also realize the smooth switching of 1~120Hz frequency conversion to meet the needs of multi-scene use. The peak brightness of its HDR screen is as high as 3000nits, and it can be seen clearly in strong light. And support high-frequency PWM dimming 1920Hz, effectively solve the problem of visual fatigue.

At the same time, this screen uses TCL Huaxing's latest generation of high-efficiency luminous C8 material, with a 17% increase in efficiency and a longer battery life. At present, this screen has been used in Xiaomi 14Pro products, bringing consumers a small flagship screen experience full of surprises.

The highest 1512PPI LTPO-VR in the world, with pixel density up to 1512PPI, effectively solves the widely criticized problem of screen effect and presents consumers with 3D images that have never been seen before. Advanced LTPO backplane technology achieves breakthroughs in high transmittance, high refresh rate, narrow frame and low power consumption, and better meets consumers' demand for high picture quality and long battery life of VR devices.

TCL Huaxing made full preparations for the Expo, which caused more than a sensation at the scene. 65 "8K wide-view light field display, 6.6" health monitoring Sensor integrated display, the next generation of new display materials …... A rich variety of display technology products and advanced materials will fill the intelligent future with a sense of expectation!

Innovation-driven win-win situation to create a great future for the display industry

Leading science and technology, harmony and symbiosis. For a long time, TCL Huaxing insists on relying on innovation-driven, gathering win-win situation with upstream and downstream customers to build a mature and efficient display industry chain. Focusing on 2023, TCL Huaxing upgraded its strategic cooperation with Intel to deeply build IT display product ecology; built a joint laboratory with T Ü V Rheinland to carry out in-depth cooperation in display performance and visual health; and joined forces with Xiaomi, OPPO, Lenovo, Motorola and other high-tech companies to bring refreshing imaginative smart products.

Drawing up a blueprint for future development, TCL Huaxing will continue to aim at becoming a leading global display solution provider, helping China's display industry to become a global leader and contributing to the development of the global semiconductor display industry.

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