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The decisive battle, Hero God! Steam especially praised the release of roguelite game "warm Snow" DLC "final Business" on December 5.

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Today, the Diablo action roguelite game "warm Snow", developed by BadMudStudio and released by the exclusive agent of bilibili, officially announced that the latest DLC "final Business" will be released on Steam platform on December 5! The new DLC maintains the consistent high standard of the game, while bringing a volume of content comparable to the game itself. Players can experience five new chapters, six new BOSS, four small and medium-sized BOSS, and three true and false endings. The story of warm snow ushered in the real final chapter. In addition, the game also provides a new talent + residual sound system, as well as the latest 3 sects, 25 sacred soldiers and 18 sacred objects, a large amount of new content waiting for you to unlock!

Tear up the nightmare and turn back to reality and start the final battle of warm snow!

After struggling back and forth in a dream for ten years, he finally woke up from an endless nightmare and returned to the real world. This is the beginning of the story of "finishing business." ten years later, the real world has changed greatly, and the thick warm snow has covered the world. the resistance suffered heavy losses. Players will follow the perspective of Yuanyu to embark on the journey again, after experiencing layers of obstacles, along the coastline of Simitai to reach Heyi Island, where we want to put an end to this "warm snow" and save the world in danger.

"end of Life" DLC brings players a new five chapters and map scenes, 6 big Boss, 4 small Boss and 30 kinds of monsters waiting for players to kill. At the same time, in the new DLC, players will face the most powerful final Boss in the history of "warm Snow". Players will fight an epic battle among the meta-gods of the boss's wife.

New secret books of mysterious soldiers, more fighting genres!

In order to fight against the mighty he Luo God, the Rebellion has provided a new talent system, "the method of all things". Players can upgrade the furnace level to illuminate the new talent and unlock the time echo mosaic bit. Time echo will provide players with a variety of interesting choices for building combat genres.

At the same time, the three new sects of Lingjian Shura, Yanluo Dizangming King and Sun and Moon rotation unlocked by the DLC provide fresh choices for players to defeat Hero God. 31 general secret books, 18 sacred objects and 25 sacred soldiers have been added to the game. Through the free combination of new and old sects, secret books and sacred objects, you can unlock more and more unexpected fighting genres. With the new Sengluo Vientiane method talent system to get a refreshing action experience that is completely different from the game ontology stage!

With the launch of the new DLC, the final episode of the IP animation "Dragon Hidden in the Snow" starts at the same time!

To celebrate the launch of the new DLC "final Business", he was ranked No. 1 in bilibili's domestic animation list and No. 4 in bilibili's hot search list, won tens of millions of broadcasts of "warm Snow" prequel short drama "Dragon Hidden in the Snow", once again joined hands with Qingshu, the production team of well-known Guochui IP "Kuiba" to produce a new series, and broadcast the final episode of "long Hidden in the Snow" simultaneously on December 5.

At the moment when the nightmare is about to swallow it up. He suddenly woke up and found that all this was a nightmare, but the waking world was closer to destruction. The final article of "Dragon Hidden in Snow" will further complete the world view of the dark martial arts world of "warm Snow" from the side, together with the 48 new story fragments in the new DLC "end of work", turn "warm Snow" into a more three-dimensional and more complete story, and draw a complete end to this cruel and desperate world of the past.

As a dark national style action roguelite game, "warm Snow" in the unique oriental fantasy dark overhead worldview, through the unique flying sword play and sectarian secret books to create tens of millions of combat genres, providing players with a fresh and refreshing action experience forever. "warm Snow: end of Business" DLC will be officially released on December 5. The new game will be challenging and interesting. There will be a 10% discount on the launch of the new DLC for a week. I believe it will satisfy the new and old players who love rogue games. Please look forward to it.

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