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Henry Schein, a US health care company, was attacked twice a month by the hacker organization BlackCat, which was caused by "ransom not settled".

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Shulou( Report-- November 29, security company Bleeping Computer reported that Henry Schein, a US health care provider, was attacked by the ransomware hacker group BlackCat in October and was attacked by the same group a few days ago.

It is reported that Henry Schein issued a security notice on November 22 this year, saying that they had been hacked again, leading to the failure of applications, including the company's e-commerce platform, and analysts are working to restore related applications under secure conditions. On November 27, the company said that its e-commerce platform in the United States had been restored, while platforms in Canada and Europe were about to come back online.

The hacker group BlackCat claimed responsibility and claimed access to 35 TB of Henry Schein. noted that BlackCat broke into Henry Schein twice a month because the communication between the ransom was deadlocked after the company was first hacked in October this year, which led to hackers hacking into the company again and encrypting the company's systems.

In recent years, the phenomenon of hacker organizations attacking corporate companies is extremely rampant, and once they encounter related attacks, business organizations are likely to have to negotiate with hackers. However, in the process of negotiations, victimized organizations should also take relevant measures to prevent hackers from "falling out and not recognizing people" when they are dissatisfied with the conditions.

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