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Know the way to study and create a new academic ecology for teenagers to "cultivate people who will change the world in the future"

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[Beijing, China, November 22, 2023]

Zhilu Research, focusing on project-based learning and teaching and the development of young people's academic ability, successfully held the EPQ Curriculum Innovation Conference and Taylor&Francis Youth academic Forum on November 22, 2023. Focusing on the academic challenges faced by Chinese young people, the forum invited cross-disciplinary experts to conduct in-depth discussions, marking the beginning of project-based education in the AI era. From project-based learning to AI and then to learning, the forum aims to build a better new academic ecology for Chinese young people and contribute to their academic development.

In the press conference, Zhilu research and repair products highlighted the in-depth study of EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). As a key part of project-based learning, EPQ helps students develop critical thinking and independent problem-solving ability through independent research and presentation. This innovative educational method will provide students with a broader academic vision and practical experience, and herald a new development in the 3.0 era of education.

Hong Yingyuan, president of Taylor & Francis Group China, delivered a speech. He mentioned that Taylor & Francis Group and Zhilu Research Illume Research can be quickly combined, which can be described as a "perfect match". In the future, we can jointly build an external voice display platform for scientific research and learning in many aspects, and create various forms of stage and space for domestic educators and young students to display scientific innovative thinking and academic ability.

The opening speech was presided over by Liu Jiewen, founder and director of EPQ China Centre of Zhilu Research and Technology Group, entitled "

Innovative Education and International Talent training in the AIGC era-- AI Precision empowering students and Schools.

He mentioned that through AI empowerment education, through project-based learning, project-based learning, scientific research, to cultivate young people's scientific thinking, improve students' comprehensive literacy ability. This innovative educational method will provide students with a broader academic vision and practical experience, and herald a new development in the 3.0 era of education.

The study of knowing the way pays attention not only to students, but also emphasizes the active role of enterprises in education. Through project-based learning, enterprises have the opportunity to participate in students' actual projects and cultivate the innovative ability and teamwork skills of future employees. This deep integration is expected to bring a culture of innovation to the entire industry and push the education system towards a more flexible and open direction.

Ran Jinchu, general manager of the business department of Zhilu Research and Technology Group, then took the stage and delivered a speech on "the Road to reshaping Education in the era of artificial Intelligence," which deeply discussed how to deal with and reshape the field of education in the era of artificial intelligence.

She shared the practical experience of Zhilu Research and Technology Group in this field, and discussed the innovative direction of education in the future. For example, the KEATH project developed by Zhilu Research and Technology Group solves the problems of unfairness and inaccuracy in traditional education scoring by combining advanced AI technology and project-based learning theory, and provides a fair, accurate and efficient grading experience for schools and teaching institutions.

In the activity, the AI enabling education launched by Zhilu Research has become the focus of attention. The appearance of the KEATH project solves the problem of grading in project-based learning and provides a feasible solution for the classroom model in the era of education 3.0. This marks the in-depth application of artificial intelligence in the field of education, providing more personalized and accurate learning support for students and educators.

At present, the KEATH project has reached strategic cooperation with institutions in India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Nigeria and other countries. Zhilu is using the power of AI technology and education to create a better future for the next generation of students.

At the Taylor&Francis Youth academic Forum, Zhilu Research has announced that it will become the compass for the academic research of young people in China. By providing theoretical support and publishing platform, knowing the road research will promote the vigorous development of young people's academic research and provide a more extensive display platform for the new forces in the academic field in the future.

By thinking deeply about the future of education and introducing innovative concepts such as project-based learning and AI enabling education, Zhi Lu Research has injected new vitality into the educational circle. This conference builds a closer cooperation bridge between students and enterprises, and creates more possibilities for the arrival of the 3.0 era of education.

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