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Meizu PANDAER & # 215; IQUNIX platinum unicorn MOD mechanical keyboard crowdfunding tomorrow, CNC all-aluminum fuselage

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Muir Seth for his clue delivery! November 29 news, Meizu PANDAER × IQUNIX platinum unicorn MOD mechanical keyboard will open at 10:00 tomorrow, the exact price has not been announced.

According to reports, this keyboard uses CNC all-aluminum body and 89 key position layout, equipped with special PANDAER uncut shaft, support quadruple muffler structure. The product also uses platinum unicorn reproduction coating, PVD color plated mirror back plate, the first metal enamel nameplate, support 1600 million color RGB backlight and driver customization. More configuration of the keyboard will not be known until tomorrow morning.

PANDAER product managers and designers revealed that the production of joint elements has also reached unprecedented meticulous. Compared with the original factory, special customization has been arranged in terms of shaft body configuration and design details. Such as IQUNIX exclusive custom shaft body, enamel metal nameplate, PVD color plated back plate.

In addition, the PANDAER super-tactile keycap platinum unicorn replay version will also start crowdfunding at 10:00 tomorrow. According to the official poster, the keyboard comes in orange, blue and white and is printed with PANDAER's iconic panda pattern.

The 2023 Meizu autumn unbounded ecology conference will be held at 14:30 on November 30, when the Meizu 21 mobile phone will be officially released. Interested friends can follow the follow-up report on

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