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Wutong Automobile Federation has been selected into the annual roster of 36 krypton WISE series for five consecutive years.

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Shulou( Report--

On November 28, 36 krypton, a well-known technology venture capital media, announced the roster of "WISE2023 King of Business". Based on the results of enterprise research and expert review, Indus Auto Federation was successfully awarded the "Future King of Business Enterprise of the year". This is also the fifth year in a row that Wutong Automobile Federation has been selected into the annual roster of WISE series.

36 Krypton WISE Conference has been successfully held for 11 years. This year's WISE Conference has been comprehensively upgraded from "King of the New economy" to "King of Commerce". It is one of the largest and most influential annual economic conferences in China, and it is also a commercial all-star event widely noticed and recognized by enterprises and capital markets. Reviewing the major events in the economic field of the year, studying and judging the weather vane of the future development direction, and the selection of the WISE annual roster, we will conduct several rounds of research and selection of individuals and enterprises, and at the same time synthesize the opinions of the professional jury and finally decide on the list.

Since it was selected into the list of 36 krypton "cutting-edge technology high growth companies" in 2019, Wutong Auto Federation has appeared in 36 Krypton's "WISE King of Business" roster for 5 consecutive years, from winning growth awards, to winning potential and influence honors, to now winning commercial awards, enterprises have steadily entered the leading position in the industry, and brands continue to improve the market prospect value-- the rapid growth of Wutong Auto Federation along the way. Received continuous attention and high recognition from industry authorities.

In 2023, automobiles are increasingly evolving towards intelligent mobile space, and the industry accelerates digital transformation and upgrading. As the industry's leading full-class full-stack intelligent space technology company, Indus Auto couplet relies on a new architecture capability platform, plus product technological innovation iteration, optimize R & D standards and quality standards, and continue to output vehicle-level intelligent solutions to the industry, resulting in many high-quality development achievements.

In 2023, Wutong Automobile Federation will carry out strategic cooperation with well-known companies such as Changan Mazda, FUTURUS Future cool techs, and Zhonglingzhi Bank to jointly create cutting-edge areas such as human factor engineering, vehicle-mounted AR HUD, and basic software platforms to explore high-quality business and ecological development. At the same time, the FAW-Volkswagen MEB platform Light Application Project of Wutong Automobile Federation successfully passed the ASPICE CL2 international certification, which indicates that the software development, project management and quality management capabilities are in line with the international advanced level, and has a positive impact on overseas market development in the future. Not only that, Indus couplet with "multi-mode real no wake-up", "all around the sky concert hall" and other product technology, to help long an Qiyuan A07, to create a new generation of popular style products.

Selected into the annual roster of 36 krypton WISE series for five consecutive years, with this honor as an opportunity, Indus will continue to take the advantage of integrated software and hardware research and development, lead the whole vehicle-level intelligent space industry to break through, actively undertake more extensive and international business, and help more partners to improve their business quality, so that consumers can experience worry-free travel.

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