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Apple's license agreement with Arm has been exposed that the patent fee for each chip is less than 30 cents.

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Thanks to netizen Alejandro86 for the clue delivery!, November 29 (Xinhua)-- according to The Information, the patent fee paid by Apple to Arm, a British chip architecture company, is less than 30 cents per chip ( Note: currently about 2.142 yuan).

According to the report, although Apple is one of the largest and most important customers of Arm, Apple accounts for less than 5% of Arm's annual revenue, and Apple pays the least of all Arm smartphone chip customers. Apple pays a fixed royalty of less than 30 cents for each chip used in its device, no matter how many cores it has.

In 2017, the chief executive of Arm, which is owned by Japan's Softbank Corp. Group, gathered Arm executives to say that Apple paid more for plastic sheets previously used to protect the new iPhone screen than for intellectual property using Arm. Softbank Corp. Group tried to renegotiate with Apple to raise patent fees, but apparently without success.

While Apple is unlikely to sever ties with Arm, the company is understood to have explored the long-term possibility of using RISC-V open source technology to make its chips. Apple's latest license agreement with Arm was signed in September and will be extended "beyond 2040," but Arm is said to have been trying to renegotiate fees.

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