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"Sea King 2: the lost Kingdom" issued a new notice, Wen Ziren / Jason Moma will come to China for exchanges.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 29 (Xinhua)-- the movie "Sea King 2: the lost Kingdom" today released a new trailer and poster for "must bear its weight". According to officials, the creator of the film is coming to China, and Chinese audiences will have the opportunity to have face-to-face exchanges with director Wen Ziren and star Jason Morma.

According to reports, the new trailer released today reveals to the audience the only way to become king. Arthur, once at the bottom, was a drifter with nothing, but now he has blood and people, as well as weakness and armor, which makes him better understand that the meaning of fighting is to protect.

Wen Ziren and Jason will appear together at Chinese press conferences, fan meetings and fan meetings in Shanghai in Beijing, after which director Wen Ziren will continue to visit Chengdu and Guangzhou to communicate closely with fans, officials said. The time of the exchange activity is as follows:

As previously reported by, "Sea King 2: the lost Kingdom" is directed by Wen Ziren, starring Jason Morma, Patrick Wilson and Amber Hilde. The film will be released in mainland China on December 20, earlier than in North America (December 22).

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