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Xiong Chuyu, a doctor studying in the United States, returned to China to start a business at the age of 58, and invented universal identity authentication to become the "father of code scanning in China".

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Doctor studying in the United States, returning to China to start a business in his late twenties, inventor of the global identity authentication system, Sichuan Province "100 talents Plan" to introduce high-level talents, government specially hired experts …... In the electronic information industry, Xiong Chuyu, founder of Chengdu Tiankey Technology Co., Ltd., has his own "topic" and "flow".

Xiong Chuyu's third Life

In the 1980s, Xiong Chuyu, a teacher at Chongqing University, chose to go to the United States to pursue further studies and start his second Life. After receiving his doctorate in mathematics from Ohio State University, he studied nonlinear theory at the Institute of Applied Mathematics at Indiana University, and worked in American industry since 1995. He was a senior architect and senior consultant at Goldman Sachs.

△ Xiong Chuyu

However, Xiong Chuyu did not stop there. After deep thinking, he decided to return home and start his "third Life" in the electronic information industry.

Xiong Chuyu said: "We are all very thin individuals. Only by starting a business and having such a company can we apply what we have learned and our own research to contribute to society." As the man at the helm of a technology company, he has ideals and ambitions for technology to change society.

△ Xiong Chuyu

In 2010, Xiong Chuyu returned home and began to prepare for starting a business, visiting several cities. "at that time, many places were fighting for us to go back, and there were two main considerations in choosing Chengdu." Xiong Chuyu said, "the electronic information industry is the pillar industry of Chengdu, and the advantages of industrial clusters are obvious. Chengdu also has great support for small and medium-sized enterprises, which is a very important consideration. In addition, my entrepreneurial partners and I are both from Sichuan and alumni of Chongqing University. This is my hometown." As a result, he and his partners unanimously decided to put the first stop of starting a business in Chengdu.

Invent universal identity authentication as "the father of scanning code in China"

When users experience the desired product, by scanning the "second purchase code" on the box, they can directly enter the details page of the product to buy. This is the "second purchase" platform launched by Tiankey Technology, and it is also one of its application scenarios based on QR codes.

Back in 2009, when seeing the role of the QR code composed of black and white squares in recording and transmitting information, Xiong Chuyu came up with the idea of using the QR code as a carrier in various fields, and after the establishment of the company, turn this vision into a reality, establish a general identity authentication technology patent protection group, obtain a number of invention patents, and become a global identity authentication technology leader.

In 2015, the opinions of the General Office of the State Council on speeding up the construction of traceability system for important products pointed out that the construction of traceability system is to collect and record information on the production, circulation and consumption of products, to achieve traceable sources, traceable whereabouts and accountability, and effective measures to strengthen quality and safety management and risk control in the whole process. Prior to this, Xiong Chuyu and the team seized the opportunity and took the lead in proposing to connect the product traceability with the store cashier system, increase product credibility, enhance product sales value, and launch China's first traceability marketing cashier system. Serve small and medium-sized enterprises and chain stores, and make great progress on the road of becoming an "innovative supply chain traceability system service provider".

At present, Tiankey Technology has more than 20 world-class patented technologies in the field of the Internet of things, and the first core invention patents such as SKI symmetric cryptosystem, multi-party supervision, code translation and so on, which solves the problems of multi-purpose identity authentication, supervision, independent identification, interconnection and interconnection, and opens a new era of integrated application of commodity codes of the global Internet of things. In addition, Tiankey Technology pioneered the global universal code platform and creatively put forward the "one code, two platforms" architecture. The enterprise traceability service platform provides enterprises with services such as product traceability, quality control management, anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, warehouse allocation, code-scanning purchase, interactive marketing, brand promotion, after-sales service, electronic membership and so on. The product supervision service platform provides industry standards, enterprise supervision, early warning recall, authentication, big data management and other services for the government, industry associations, chambers of commerce and other organizations, committed to providing professional retroactive marketing management integration solutions for the global information industry.

Some patents of △ Tiankey Technology

Now 70-year-old Xiong Chuyu is still Hale and hearty, and in recent years he has anchored the artificial intelligence track for continuous exploration and research. As he suggested to young researchers in an interview: "Don't overdraw yourself. The accumulation period of scientific research is very long. The steering wheel of life is always in your hands. Age is just a number. It can't define your life."

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