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There is no need to turn around in and out of the port, and Chinese ships deliver the world's first batch of double-headed cockpit hybrid ro-ro passenger ships.

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Shulou( Report--, November 30, according to China Shipbuilding Group, the large-capacity battery hybrid ro-ro passenger ship built by China Shipbuilding Group Guangzhou Shipbuilding International for British shipowners was officially delivered on November 29. This delivery also means that all the two ships in the world's first order for large-capacity battery hybrid ro-ro ships have been delivered.

▲ Tuyuan China Shipbuilding Group, according to the following introduction, the "pitcho LIBERTE (freedom)" is a 1500-passenger / 3658-meter lane luxury ro-ro ship, built by Guangzhou Shipping International for the British company Playo Ferries, will be put into operation in the English Channel, mainly between the British port of Dover and the French port of Calais.

With a total length of 230.5 meters, a width of 30.8 meters and a service speed of 20.8 knots, the ro-ro passenger ship is one of the first ro-ro ships in the world with a completely symmetrical bow and stern structure and a cab at the bow and stern. It is fully loaded with more than 1500 passengers and more than 700 vehicles of various types, and the public area on board for passenger activities is more than 10,000 square meters. noted that the passenger ro-ro ship is equipped with two 7500-kilowatt pod thrusters, which can achieve full rotation, so the ship can also sail in both bow and stern, allowing the ship to enter and leave the port without making a U-turn, thus saving a lot of time in and out of the port.

The ship is equipped with 1160 large-capacity batteries with a loading capacity of 8.8MWh (megawatt-hours), which is equivalent to the total battery capacity of 150 passenger electric vehicles and can be driven by pure electricity when sailing offshore.

The ship has a very high degree of automation, various functions can basically achieve automatic control, and the engine room can be unattended; the ship information integration system includes more than ten subsystems, covering multiple business functions on board, and meets the requirements of dual-link redundancy.

In addition, China Shipbuilding Group Guangzhou Shipbuilding International has established a complete industrial chain with domestic upstream and downstream suppliers, and has achieved 100% localization in the whole process of design, manufacturing and installation.

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