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Apple's 2023 App Store Awards Award announced: "collapse: star Dome Railway" iPhone Game of the year

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Thanks netizen soft media new friend 2188119 clue delivery! November 30, Apple today announced the winner of the 2023 App Store Awards, recognizing this year's outstanding apps and games. The App Store Awards winners were selected from nearly 40 finalists who were unique in terms of technological innovation, user experience and design. with list of winners:

iPhone App of the Year: AllTrails, Inc.

iPad App of the Year: Prêt-à-Makeup, from Prêt-à-Template.

Mac App of the Year: Photomator by UAB Pixelmator Team

Apple Watch App of the Year: SmartGym by Mateus Abras

iPhone Game of the Year: Collapse: Star Dome Railroad, from COGNSPHERE PTE.LTD.

In addition to recognizing exceptional apps and games for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch, Apple's App Store editorial team has selected Cultural Impact winners to honor their ability to drive positive change through apps and games.

This year's winning entries encourage users to learn and grow in inclusive barrier-free spaces, contribute to a more sustainable future, examine themselves and communicate intergenerational emotions.

Pok Pok, from Pok Pok Inclusive Pok Pok creates digital dollhouses for children, providing universal spaces for preschool children of all backgrounds and abilities to play, explore and learn about the world.

Proloquo, from AssistiveWare For more than a decade, as a pioneer of accessible apps, AssistiveWare's Proloquo continues to create Augmented and Alternative Communication (AAC) tools that help people communicate in new ways.

Apple says the App Store, launched in 2008, is the world's most secure and active App market. The App Store currently offers about 1.8 million apps, receives an average of 650 million visits per week from 175 countries and regions, and generated $1.1 trillion in developer business and sales in 2022 alone.

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