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Sources say that Shima will release three RF bayonet lenses in February next year.

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Thank netizens and independent photographers for their clue delivery!, Nov. 30, CanonRumors revealed that Shima plans to release three RF bayonet lenses in February next year, including two RF / RF-S zoom lenses and a RF / RF-S fixed focus lens, but it is not known whether the three lenses will be full-frame or APS-C lenses. Note: RF bayonet is a camera bayonet launched by Canon, which was launched with Canon EOS R camera in September 2018. The inner diameter of Canon RF bayonet is 54mm, which is the same as Canon EF bayonet. The flange distance of the EOS R and EOS RP cameras is 20 mm. The RF lens has 12 electronic contacts, more than the 8 electronic contacts of the EF lens, making the data transmission between the body and the lens larger and faster.

In addition, CanonRumors said Canon will release the RF 400mm f / 4 DO IS USM telefocus lens next year, which may adopt a new optical design.

Canon has previously launched three "DO" brand lenses, all of which are suitable for EF bayonets. The first was the EF 400mm f / 4 DO IS USM launched in 2001, followed by the more affordable zoom model EF 70-300mm f / 4.5-5.6DO IS USM in 2004.

In 2014, Canon released the EF 400mm f / 4 DO IS USM II, which improved the contrast issues found in the first version. However, inquiry found that all EF DO-branded lenses that Canon has launched so far have been discontinued.

Many years ago, Canon showed off a prototype of the EF 600mm f / 4 DO IS USM that has never been on the market, and according to CanonRumors, Canon is developing a 600mm f / 4 DO lens, which will be released later than the RF 400mm f / 4 DO IS USM.

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