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Electronics and biology collide, scientists develop new hybrid biotransistors

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Shulou( Report--, November 30, take the Tianji 9300 as an example, the smartphone chip contains 22.7 billion miniature transistors made of metals such as silicon, gold and copper, as well as insulation, that together absorb current and convert it into ones and zeros to convey and store information.

Transistor materials come mainly from rocks and metals, usually inorganic. But for the first time, Tufts University's Silklab team replaced insulation with biofilm, reintegrating some of the characteristics of electronics and biology.

Silk fibroin (the structural protein of silk fiber) can be precisely deposited on the surface of the material and can be easily modified with other chemical and biological molecules to change its properties. Silk functionalized in this way can detect a variety of components in the body or the environment.

Using new hybrid transistors, the team developed early prototypes to create a highly sensitive and ultra-fast breathing sensor that can even detect subtle changes in humidity.

By making further changes to the silk layer, scientists have successfully enabled the device to detect certain cardiovascular and lung diseases, as well as carbon dioxide levels and other gases and chemicals in breathing. The invention can now be used to provide diagnostic information faster and more effectively.

In a biological hybrid transistor, the silk layer is used as an insulator, and when it absorbs water, it carries any ions (charged molecules) contained in it like a gel.

The gate triggers the conduction state by rearranging the ions in the silk gel. By changing the ion composition in the wire, the operation of the transistor changes, allowing it to be triggered by any threshold value between 0 and 1. attached the reference address of the paper: Beom Joon Kim, Giorgio Ernesto Bonacchini, Nicholas A. Ostrovsky-Snider, Fiorenzo G. Omenetto,Bimodal Gating Mechanism in Hybrid Thin-Film Transistors Based on Dynamically Reconfigurable Nanoscale Biopolymer Interfaces, 28 August 2023, adma.202302062

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