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Perfect World Wang Yuyun: creative thinking makes the industry of science and technology bloom the vitality of the times

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From November 29 to December 1, "Liangzhu 2023 Science and Technology National Tide Industry Conference" was held in Liangzhu, Hangzhou, a sacred place for five thousand years of civilization. with the theme of "National Tide of Science and Technology and New potential Energy for the High-quality Development of China's economy", this paper makes an in-depth discussion on the topics such as sharing the brand mission of the national tide era and promoting the rapid development of the national tide industry. Wang Yuyun, senior vice president and chief spokesman of Perfect World and chairman of Perfect World Education, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Cultural creation empowers across borders and blossoms the vitality of the national tide."

Wang Yuyun, senior vice president and chief spokesman of Perfect World and chairman of Perfect World Education, delivered a speech.

The national style of the national tide has expanded from fashion design to music and dance, entertainment consumption, food health, manufacturing, culture, travel and other industries, with the joint promotion of cultural creation and science and technology to empower traditional industries, through more daily national tide design. Chinese cultural elements have been naturally integrated into life.

"the national tide is not only a stack of Chinese traditional elements, nor is it an empty slogan, but a product presentation of the spirit of Chinese civilization." In his speech, Wang Yuyun first analyzed the reasons for the rise of the national tide from the aspects of culture and popular psychology. "the popularity of the national tide is the external expression of the recognition of traditional cultural values from the heart, which essentially meets the spiritual needs of the masses."

In the context of the current economic development of high quality, the tide of science and technology has become the driving force of new development, and promote Chinese creation and Chinese intelligent manufacturing to the world. In order to support the national tide to go further, Wang Yuyun believes that it is necessary to dig deep into the core values of excellent Chinese traditional culture, promote the coordination of the cultural genes of the Chinese nation with contemporary society, and find the resonance of mutual respect among multi-cultures.

In his speech, Wang Yuyun particularly stressed: "the really good national tide is to find the shining point of Chinese civilization, as the core value to move users, and to identify and resonate with users through products as carriers."

How should traditional culture be expressed creatively in the context of modern aesthetics? According to his practical experience in the field of digital literary creation in recent years, Wang Yuyun abstracted two slogans: "do not be superficial, but dig into the core", "do not model, but innovate and reinvent" and the innovative method of "creative thinking".

In recent years, in the process of the development of cultural innovation and other national trend industries, scientific and technological empowerment and cross-border integration has become a development trend. "Creative thinking" has the ability of scientific and technological empowerment and cross-border integration, by exploring the intrinsic value of things, using the presentation of stories and products, it can produce continuous resonance and interaction with the outside world.

How to establish a long-term emotional connection with users? Wang Yuyun took the "Book Bureau", a CityGame digital-real immersive cultural experience project, as an example to disassemble the specific landing methods of literary and creative thinking in detail. "stories that embody core values, cultural multi-format products that integrate data and reality, and interactive connections between online and offline channels are the landing points of creative thinking," she said. " Using these methodologies, the national tide industry can break through the three hurdles of concern, willingness and choice, and establish lasting trust and stickiness with users.

As the vice president of China Culture and Entertainment Industry Association, Wang Yuyun led Perfect World to actively empower various industries with creative thinking in recent years, exploring the immersive cultural experience of CityGame in the field of literature and tourism. CityGame, a new scene of digital cultural consumption, allows users to have both physical experience and digital experience, and the two are connected to each other, forming the unity of presence and online consumption, and becoming a new cultural new business type model of online and offline integration. It has been selected into the development case of 2022 Service Trade Fair and has been widely recognized by the industry.

In addition to industry-end integration and innovation, as the co-chairman of the National Community on Industry-Education Integration of Digital Creative Industries and the Chief Advisor of the Digital Design Professional Committee of the Teaching steering Committee of Art and Design majors of Vocational Colleges of the Ministry of Education, Wang Yuyun actively promotes the cultivation of digital creative talents and provides talent protection for the entire design industry and the inheritance of non-heritage culture.

Perfect World holding Group and Beijing Dongcheng District Culture and Tourism Bureau have jointly hosted four Perfect World cultural and creative campus design competitions east of the Imperial Palace. So far, it has attracted nearly 20,000 contestants from more than 600 colleges and universities around the world, and produced nearly 10,000 design works. Students' designs cover 38 intangible cultural heritages, injecting new vitality into the development of Chinese cultural creation. It has also actively promoted the modern development and global spread of excellent Chinese traditional culture.

"the power of science and technology, the creative way of thinking and the participation of many young people make the national tide bloom the vitality of the times." As for the future development of cultural innovation and other national tide industries, Wang Yuyun believes that "the national tide of science and technology will play a greater role in the journey to the modern civilization of the Chinese nation."

This conference is under the guidance of the China Association for the Promotion of Brand Construction, sponsored by the people's Government of Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Hangzhou Liangzhu New Town Management Committee, China National Brand Network, Chaochao New consumption contractor. The conference focused on a wide range of topics, such as food science and technology, science and technology beauty industry, smart home, consumer electronics, brand going to sea, and released the "2023 Science and Technology National Tide Industry Ecology Insight report".

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