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Lei Junwu's speech: WPS is the banner of national general software

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On the 130th anniversary of Wuhan University, Lei Jun, an alumnus of the 1987 computer department of Wuhan University, donated 1.3 billion yuan to his alma mater, causing heated discussion on the Internet. At the 9th Alumni Luojia Forum held by his alma mater, he said that it was from Wuhan University that he began to move towards the road of scientific and technological exploration. At his alma mater, he fell madly in love with programming and cultivated the spirit of scientific and technological exploration. After leaving his alma mater, Lei Jun embarked on the road of scientific and technological exploration, which may be traced back to his brilliant story of joining Jinshan and turning the WPS peak around.

The Way of Reverse Attack of National Office Software WPS

"To this day, when it comes to self-control, home-made substitution, office software, WPS is in the field and has never worried everyone. "Lei Jun said at the 9th Alumni Luojia Forum held at his alma mater.

WPS was born in 1988 and experienced great glory, but in 1996, it fell into the desperate situation of "Microsoft before and piracy after." Whether to give up WPS has become a difficult choice faced by Qiu Bojun, Lei Jun and others. In 2002, they made an important decision to put a total of 40 million yuan in cash on these annual accounts and rewrite WPS from scratch. It was a tough decision, involving tens of millions of lines of code rewriting, and it took a lot of courage and determination. Finally, in 2005, they completed a completely new architecture. Lei Jun said that he can proudly say that this framework represents the most advanced level of office software in the last 20 years and has been in use ever since.

In 2011, Lei Jun became the chairman of Jinshan, leading Jinshan to transform into mobile Internet. The advantages of WPS rewriting architecture are reflected. This time, WPS finally overtakes the curve and surpasses Microsoft Office, becoming the best office software with the largest market share in China Mobile. In 2019, after 31 years of persistence, WPS finally went public. At that time, the entire IT industry said that WPS was a hardcore technology hero dream and the most inspiring story in China's software industry.

WPS's counterattack is a victory of persistence. If you ask them why they insist, there may be only one reason: WPS is the flag of national universal software, and this flag cannot be let fall in their hands.

WPS of the new era_inserted with AI wings

On November 16, Jinshan Office officially announced that its artificial intelligence office application WPS AI with large language model capability will open public beta, and AI function will be open to all users for six consecutive experiences.

Since its debut on April 18 this year, WPS AI has continued to optimize the product experience. On May 16, WPS AI demonstrated Microsoft Copilot-like capabilities. On July 6, WPS AI debuted at the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference and announced its official website launch. On September 20, Jinshan Office announced WPS AI access to WPS365, a one-stop digital office platform for Tencent Cloud Organization, on the Technology Open Day, and announced the latest progress of self-research model for the first time. Based on open source base, this model helps WPS AI become the first AI office application in China through training and optimization.

At present, AI technology and related applications represented by Jinshan Office WPS AI have set off a new wave of innovation in the office field, and will also reshape the traditional office methods. In the future, Jinshan Office will continue to promote the intelligent process of products in the AI field to provide users with convenient and high-quality service experience.

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