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Meizu Flyme 10.5 release: AI large model with a new Aicy assistant, also supports Auto car machine

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens Fat Cat, Xiao Zhanche for the clue delivery! on November 30, at today's 2023 Meizu autumn unbounded ecology conference, Meizu released the Flyme 10.5 system with a new Aicy assistant.

According to reports, the new Aicy has the blessing of Flyme AI large model and has a number of new AI functions:

Question-and-answer encyclopedia | Aicy with a great deal of knowledge can answer questions such as natural science, life knowledge, health knowledge, emotional Q & A, etc.

Make writing easy and efficient | Weibo dynamic, thank-you note, annual speech …... Aicy can help you do it one by one.

A personal assistant on call | with Aicy, all kinds of problems in your life and work have become a piece of cake.

Creative inspiration to generate paintings | the great painter Aicy can easily handle various styles of paintings, such as realistic style, two-dimensional style, ink style and so on.

According to reports, the Flyme 10.5 gallery has been greatly upgraded, and users can use Aicy to search AI images and perform operations such as AI P maps:

AI image search | supports description of color, action, scene and atmosphere, making it easier to search images

Picture expansion | AI intelligently expands the screen to make the composition more free

Magic elimination | Smart erase sundries, save scrap, turn waste into treasure

AI portrait | easy and free to create your beautiful portrait.

In addition, Flyme10.5 Aicy advice also ushered in a lot of updates, not only more intimate travel services, better use of "copy direct", Aicy suggested that you can directly "transfer to the car" through the Flyme Link mobile phone domain, one-click to check the address on the car machine, initiate navigation, eliminating the trouble of typing on the car phone. adaptation plan: Meizu 21 series shipped from the factory, Meizu 20 series will start internal testing on December 1, and Flyme AI will start internal testing in early December.

In addition, Aicy, which is blessed by the Flyme AI model, has also come to the Flyme Auto machine, which can answer the vehicle instructions, traffic rules consultation, vehicle maintenance and other questions; Aicy can also deeply customize the itinerary planning for users, arrange hotels, catering, charging services, and even buy scenic spot tickets directly in the car, as well as multi-style scenic spots voice broadcast.

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