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[out of the box] Redmi K70E Photography appreciation: fresh and fashionable, quite handsome

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Shulou( Report--

On November 29, Xiaomi Redmi K70E mobile phone was officially released, with the first launch of Ke Tien Ji 8300-Ultra processor, running OS, which claims to be "the new generation of flagship welding doorman". At present, has also got this mobile phone, first to give you an out-of-the-box picture.

The packing box of Redmi K70E is designed with pure black background and gold-plated text. The font of "K70E" is large and prominent, which has a good sense of design.

The body of the Redmi K70E mobile phone uses a right-angled frame in the appearance, which looks a bit more tough. hands for the shadow blue color, this is a relatively elegant cyan, the color is very plain, with the back of the glass shell, visually warm as jade.

The Redmi K70E has a rear three-camera module, and another flash has been made to look like a camera, thus achieving balance and symmetry in the design. The glass base of the camera module is also the same light cyan as the back, which seems to have a strong unity.

The back of the phone looks simple, and there are no other design elements except the camera and the Logo at the bottom.

At the same time, the back of the fuselage is designed with four curved surfaces of equal deep glass, so that the light and shadow are smart and the holding feeling is more comfortable.

The front of the phone is an ultra-thin, four-narrow screen with no screen bracket, the top frame is only 1.35mm, the left and right border is 1.3mm, and the bottom frame is 2.27mm.

The front punch camera is used at the top of the screen.

The frame in the fuselage of the Redmi K70E is also the same cyan as the back, maintaining a good unity. There are power keys and volume keys on the left, no buttons on the right, microphones, infrared modules and speakers on the top, microphones, speakers, USB ports and SIM card slots on the bottom.

In terms of accessories, this phone comes with a black protective case, as well as chargers, data lines, card pins, instructions and other conventional accessories.

Generally speaking, the Redmi K70E is light and delicate, the shadow green color matching version is fresh and fashionable, and it is a pretty mid-range mobile phone product.

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