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[evaluation room] the first "welder" of Tianji 8300-Ultra, the hands-on experience of Redmi K70E

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Nearly a year later, Redmi recently released the successor product of the K60 series, the Redmi K70 series. also experienced the Redmi K70E for the first time today. So what's the experience of this model with Tianji 8300-Ultra chip in its first launch? Next, let's experience it together.

First, the appearance of Redmi K70E as a whole uses a relatively strong design language, the straight frame with a simple and smooth glass back, concise atmosphere.

The image module abandoned the overall rectangular blackening design of the previous generation, and adopted a stepped bulge + four-photo rectangular arrangement of the same color as the backplane, which had different opinions compared with the appearance of the previous generation, but it did play a role in weakening the camera bulge visually.

Although the overall design is simple and tough, thanks to the curved edge of the back cover, the grip is still good, and there is no feeling of cutting hands. The backplane is close to ceramic both in appearance and touch, although it is inevitable that there will be fingerprints, but I believe everyone will use it with a shell.

The middle frame is the same as the previous generation, and it is still made of plastic, but because the texture of the frosted layer on the surface is quite good, there will be no sense of cheapness. in fact, it is even difficult to distinguish its material at the first time if there is no antenna partition.

Redmi K70E uses a 1.5K straight screen, supports 12bit deep primary color screen, 1800nit peak brightness, 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, and supports hardware-level low blue light, eye protection is still full of sincerity, you can take a look at the strobe contrast iPhone 15 Pro real shot, although not at a price, but only from the strobe point of view, night use 20 minutes, you can really feel the difference.

In fact, the overall appearance design of the whole machine is not much different from that of the previous generation K60. After all, as a "medium cup" model, a solid use experience is more important. There is no need to change in order to change when there are not too many slots in the appearance of the previous generation.

Second, performance as the first launch model of Tianji 8300-Ultra, the editor is still looking forward to the performance of Redmi K70E. As a mid-range flagship processor in line with Tianji 9300, it adopts TSMC 4nm process and is also the seventh generation APU architecture.

Other configurations, LPDDR5X and UFS4.0 are not absent, and Tianji 8300-Ultra together formed a "performance iron triangle". First of all, to entertain the rabbit to run a wave of minutes, breaking through 150W points, this run score for this price of the phone, is indeed quite strong, but the run points can not represent the actual use experience, so let's take a look at the actual performance in the game.

First of all, start "original God", all the picture quality is adjusted to the highest, turn off dynamic blur, WiFi room temperature environment, you can see, 60 frames of original God, Redmi K70 E average frame rate of 58.7, the highest temperature of 47 ℃.

In the last 10 minutes, the frame dropped due to the rising temperature of the fuselage, but the overall game process is still relatively smooth. Considering that Tianji 8300-Ultra has just been released, the adaptation of the game is not particularly perfect, which leads to a higher temperature in the game process. I look forward to a better game experience after follow-up optimization.

In terms of power consumption, the power consumption of the 30-minute game is 14%, and the maximum power consumption of the whole machine is 7.7w, which shows that the performance release of Tianji 8300-Ultra is still very strong.

Let's test Arena of Valor, who has a slightly lower pressure. At room temperature, 120 frames with the highest picture quality of WiFI are ranked in two rounds, with a total time of about 30 minutes, an average frame rate of 118 frames and a maximum body temperature of 43 ℃.

The power consumption is 12%, the highest power consumption is 7.1w, and the average power consumption is about 5w.

In addition, the editor also used "3D Mark" for stability test, you can see that the cycle stability is 85.5%, the highest temperature of the machine is 52 ℃, the overall stability performance is still good.

In addition to performance, charging and battery life are also important aspects. The Redmi K70E is officially equipped with 5500mAh batteries and a 90W charger.

In terms of battery life, conducted a 2-hour daily use test, room temperature 350nit brightness, 20 minutes of browsing Douyin (3% power consumption), 20 minutes of video recording (5% power consumption), 20 minutes of Weibo browsing (3% power consumption), 30 minutes of bilibili 1080p video (4% power consumption), and finally 30 minutes of Arena of Valor (11% power consumption), resulting in a total power consumption of 26%.

In terms of charging, it takes 12 minutes to charge from 15% to 50% and 38 minutes from 15% to 100%.

The highest temperature in the charging process is 45 ℃, and the power reaches 70W in about 3 minutes. From the data, 45 ℃ should be the temperature control threshold for Redmi K70E charging. After reaching this temperature, the charger will reduce the power to lower the body temperature.

On the whole, in terms of daily use experience, whether it is games, battery life and charging, the Redmi K70E has a good daily use experience, but it gives the editor the impression that the power of this processor has not been fully released. May be due to the current release time is still short, the optimization and adaptation of software and games need to be further improved, I believe that after the comprehensive adaptation, the use experience can be further improved.

Third, in the part of image and image, Redmi K70E adopts a three-shot scheme of 8 megapixel ultra-wide angle + 6400 megapixel master camera + 2 megapixel macro camera. However, when taking pictures every day, thanks to the high pixels of the main photo, the optical quality zoom of 2x can be achieved, which is also a widely used zoom scheme on smartphones. Needless to say, let's take a look at the sample sheet.

Super wide-angle sample sheet:

‎ main photo 1x sample:

Main photo 2x sample:

Macro sample sheet:

Judging from the sample, the quality of the ultra-wide-angle camera can only be said to be normal, and the 2-megapixel macro that cannot be autofocused can only be said to be a "tactical" lens.

However, this main photo does carry the banner of Redmi K70E image, can have good imaging quality in a variety of environments, and can also perform well in a backlight environment with a large contrast between light and shade. In addition, the performance of this 2x telephoto is impressive, and it is indeed a zoom of optical quality. in fact, in daily use, the utilization rate and film formation rate of 2x are actually higher than 1x.

Generally speaking, the two commonly used focus segments undertaken by the main photographer can fully meet the daily shooting needs of this phone, and even as a "medium cup" model, the imaging quality of the main shot is even beyond the editor's expectation. it didn't become the deficiency of this phone.

Conclusion: after a period of experience, the Redmi K70E can be said to be a relatively balanced mobile phone, the first Tianji 8300-Ultra has a quite good performance, although the post-three shots have advantages and disadvantages, but the excellent quality of the main shot can fully meet the needs of daily shooting. In terms of battery life and charging, the combination of 5500mAh large battery + 90w fast charge is also completely free of battery life anxiety.

As a "medium cup" model, Redmi K70E maintains a consistent performance-to-price ratio, with only minor fixes on the design based on the style of the previous generation; but in the use experience, it can be said to be "a step further", even in the smartphone industry is becoming more and more popular today, in this price range, Redmi K70E can also be called a "roll king", worthy of the name of "welder".

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