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Life service is more fluent and intelligent! 58 Group joined hands with Huawei to launch Hongmeng native application development

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On November 30, 58 Group, the leading enterprise in the field of life services, and Huawei held the launching ceremony of Hongmeng native application development. At this ceremony, 58 Group announced that its and Anjuke two core App will start native application development based on HarmonyOS NEXT. The two teams actively carry out joint technological innovation and explore the technical route of the Hongmeng cross-platform framework, which will help more partners to push forward the original process of Hongmeng more quickly. 58 Group, as the leader of the life service platform, will also help Hongmeng ecology to further integrate into the public life scene. was founded in 2005, serving hundreds of millions of users and 10 million platform merchants, its services cover recruitment, real estate, used cars, local life and other categories. Anjuke, founded in 2007, is the leading real estate information service information platform in China. Over the years,, Anjuke and Huawei App Store have carried out diversified cooperation at the level of business promotion, and can quickly use the "city service" and "buy and rent" services provided by 58 on the negative "discovery" page of Huawei mobile phone. Through its long-term cooperation with Huawei, 58 Group not only wins new traffic and new business opportunities, but also enables users to continue to obtain high-quality user experience.

After launching Hongmeng native application development, based on HarmonyOS native intelligence and AI technology empowerment, and Anjuke will bring users a smoother, smarter and more secure service experience. At the same time, with the blessing of HarmonyOS distributed technology, the efficient development of multi-terminal deployment at one time will also help and resident customers to allow information services to flow seamlessly on mobile phones, tablets, cars and other multi-terminal devices, making it more intelligent and convenient.

Yao Jinbo, CEO of 58 Group, said at the launching ceremony that the native applications of and Anju Ke Hongmeng will bring simple, easy-to-use and efficient life services to users and usher in the upgrading of the user experience. Hu Di, vice president of 58 Group, also said that 58 has always regarded Huawei as an important partner, and the launch of Hongmeng means that the cooperation between the two sides has reached a new level, and 58 will continue to provide users with better service with lighter products in the future.

Zhu Yonggang, president of Huawei Terminal Cloud Services, said that 58 is very welcome to join Hongmeng Ecology and be a fellow traveler on Hongmeng Road. It is hoped that based on the life service platform of 58 Group, combined with the full-scene advantages of HarmonyOS, the two sides will explore richer and innovative life service scenarios, bring better experience to consumers, customers and partners, and open up new traffic and new business opportunities.

Since Huawei announced that the new HarmonyOS NEXT is ready and Hongmeng native applications are fully launched, partners and developers in various fields are accelerating their integration into Hongmeng ecology, forming a scene of "Hongmeng with thousands of sails". The continuous participation of partners represented by 58 Group will build a more inclusive, open and innovative Hongmeng world.

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