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The official announcement of the global brand spokesman of Zhibang International, Liu Huan contributed to the digital intelligence transformation of Chinese enterprises.

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Recently, Zhibang International, the forerunner of Mathematical Intelligence Integration, officially announced that Liu Huan is the global brand spokesman of Zhibang International, and launched the brand TVC starring Liu Huan. In the 20 years since its founding, Zhibang International has used a brand spokesman for the first time. This time, the cross-border cooperation between Zhibang International and Liu Huan believes that it can better convey the value of integration and inject faith and strength into the transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises.

(poster of spokesperson)

Choosing to release the spokesperson at this critical time coincides with the fact that Zhibang International and Liu Huan want to contribute to the transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises, and also hope to guide the direction and bring strength for enterprises in the predicament of the economic cycle.

In the economic cycle, the transformation and change to explore the next inflection point

In the brand TVC performed by Liu Huan, there is a saying, "as a helmsman in the business world, like a conductor, you need to have a pair of eyes with insight into the overall situation." . Indeed, enterprises are in the economic environment, managers should not only focus on their own operation and management, but also have deeper insight and wiser strategies in the face of changes in the economic environment and economic situation.

Entering 2023, many enterprises feel the impact of changes in the external economic environment on the development of enterprises. On the one hand, supply and demand squeeze, enterprises are facing the pressure of survival and development; on the other hand, the slowdown of economic growth often means turning opportunities for industries and enterprises. Enterprises need to grasp the cyclical law of economic development, in the relatively slow growth stage, to promote their own transformation and change, looking for the next inflection point.

Although the transformation of digital intelligence means opportunities and opportunities for enterprises, how to achieve it is still difficult. "in the age of intelligence, the gentleman is good at borrowing things." Liu Huan gave the answer in TVC.

Ups and downs in the sea of business, enterprises should have a comprehensive and multi-dimensional perspective, in-depth insight into the possibility of coordination and cooperation in the production, operation and management process, in order to manage the disharmony and give full play to the integrated use of energy. The easy-to-use, efficient and reliable digital intelligence integration platform makes enterprises run through the whole body from top to bottom, from horizontal to vertical. And this is the integration of Zhibang ERP.

Chen Muyang, chairman and CEO of Zhibang International, once said in a public speech that the whole process is an important way for enterprises to cross the economic cycle and break through the bottleneck of transformation, and enterprises need to exert their overall strength. But the reality is that the isolated island of information and data has separated enterprises, enterprises want to achieve instant information exchange do not have a complete channel and access, data flow and collection is more difficult to deal with scientifically. Integration can break the isolated island, cover the whole life cycle of enterprise development, and arm the competitiveness of enterprises from the inside out.

Zhibang International believes that for real integration, it is necessary to achieve a high degree of integration of four dimensions, namely, internal integration, vertical integration, horizontal integration and underlying data integration. From the inside to the outside, from horizontal to vertical, from the bottom data to the top-level design, from micro refinement to macro visualization, comprehensive penetration, multi-directional access. To achieve full integration, Zhibang International is ready to launch an integration strategy.

Come forward and make a voice for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises

This time, Liu Huan, who has not been seen in public for a long time, chose to speak for Zhibang International. Once again, it is inspiring to bring hope and strength to those who are struggling.

The time goes back to 1997. The song "start all over again" inspired many people at that time. "if the heart is in the dream, there is true love between heaven and earth; to see success or failure, life is heroic, but to start all over again." Music will express the fighting spirit wantonly.

Today, the fighting spirit is still there, although the times are different, the surging power hidden in the bones will still be awakened by the imprints of some times. This time, Liu Huan stood in front of an intersection. "Choice is the future," he said.

For enterprises, transformation and upgrading is not difficult in the process, but difficult to choose. In the face of different types and different brands of solutions, it is difficult for enterprises to turn, how to turn, and how to choose. It is right for enterprises to choose what is suitable for the development of enterprises and what can be the long-term support for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

Liu Huancheng has been famous for more than 30 years, and Zhibang International has been founded for more than 20 years. The two are highly consistent in values and concentration, which has contributed to today's cooperation and cooperation. This time, Zhibang International invited Liu Huan global brand spokesman, which is not only an important step in the journey of Zhibang international brand strategy, but also a profound embodiment of Zhibang International's comprehensive and concrete upgrading of brand image and positioning. The organic combination of the spokesman and the brand fully expresses the determination of the spokesman to show that Zhibang International is eager to inject nutrients into the dream; it is hoped that with the help of the spokesman, we can tighten the hands of our partners and become the most solid backing for each other.

Come forward and make a voice for the transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises. Enterprises need a clear guidance, but also need a down-to-earth choice. Liu Huan has inspired the strength and creative spirit of Chinese enterprises who have been struggling at the bottom of their hearts, while Zhibang International has provided a platform for enterprises to rely on. Around integration, Zhibang International will "spread its branches and leaves" in the entire ecosystem. Enterprises can tap more resources in the ecology of digital and intellectual integration and find more partners they can cooperate with, and Zhibang International will continue to gather the strength of partners. so that enterprises in the transformation and upgrading, have the strength, not alone.

The transformation and upgrading of digital intelligence needs a tortuous process for both large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, and the spiral rise is not only the law, but also the result. It is believed that with the encouragement of Liu Huan and the assistance of Zhibang International, Chinese enterprises can quickly become effective, upgrade and cross the cycle bravely.

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