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Born for driving control: Carmuth CAMMUS C5 racing game steering wheel

2024-05-30 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

Racing game is one of the types of games that many gamers like very much. the roar of the engine and the roar of racing cars also bring players the pleasure of adrenaline. As one of the mainstream domestic game steering wheel manufacturers, CAMMUS has a very good reputation among simulated players, and its products are committed to bringing players a more real and immersive racing game experience. C5 series game steering wheel, as a well-known product series under Carmuth, has a very good performance in product workmanship and feel, so follow the small CA to see how the steering wheel performs in this force feedback game.

The CAMMUS C5 force feedback game steering wheel adopts the world's first two-in-one pedestal steering wheel structure, which integrates hard core performance into a lightweight fuselage lower than 3.6KG, with a thickness of about 67mm, which is the smallest game steering wheel on the market and the only portable artifact that can be carried around. Consistent with the material and style of the real car steering wheel, it can provide stronger friction and excellent durability. The workmanship of the disc body is meticulous and solid, and the feel and texture performance are very good, which can bring users a strong sense of movement and visual impact.

As a direct drive pseudo-reality steering wheel with the highest performance-to-price ratio, it adopts the design of a unique external rotor motor and direct drive servo base, which not only has the advantages of low noise, high safety and high stability, but also has the advantages of low noise, high safety and high stability. minimize physical loss, quickly reach the maximum peak of the motor, non-contact is not easy to heat, stable and lasting real road feedback is transmitted to the players. The linear force feedback effect makes the game experience extremely silky, with a maximum rotation angle of 1080 °, so that all kinds of cars have a more flexible adaptation range, realizing different levels of real car driving experience.

The surface of the disk is made of metal, and the surface is treated by wire drawing process, resulting in a better texture. In order to better meet the needs of users, 20 sets of programmable buttons are provided on the steering wheel, 3 sets of knobs are given a mechanical feel, and the mode that is most suitable for you can be freely provided. at the same time, with a double pick design, the body feels smoother.

The CAMMUS C5 pedestal uses a two-in-one design to further reduce the footprint of desktop space. The center of the base is the installation position of the steering wheel and the data interface, the platform switching switch, mode button and indicator light are provided on both sides of the base, and two customizable buttons are on the right. Users can set the button function in the game by themselves. avoid mistouching and so on.

The installation performance is also very simple and fast, the user first connects the fixing fixture to the base through screws, then places it on the desktop or bracket that you want to fix, and then tightens the screws. The adaptive fixing head on the fixture will adjust itself according to the thickness and angle to ensure that the base is fixed and stable. The bracket is selected for fixing, and the thickness of the bracket is about 5MM. After the base is fixed, it is very stable, without sloshing, sliding and other problems. The fixture is very friendly to the fixed surface of different thickness, and can adapt to the thickness of the mainstream desktop and bracket. Provide solid and tight fixed performance.

It is also very convenient for the disk body to be fixed with the base, and the quick disassembly system developed by Carmuth is adopted, and the user only needs to adjust the data interface to the corresponding hole position. After the alignment hole position is placed, the user only needs to rotate the fixed sleeve on the base counterclockwise and reinforce it with screws after tightening the fixing sleeve.

The metal pedal foot feeling performance is still very good, and the real car foot feeling performance is very similar, the brake foot feeling along with the unceasing deep step, the middle and rear section performance is harder and harder, also very similar to the real car foot feeling.

Carmuth also provides driving software to facilitate users to adjust and test the steering wheel strength and button function. The driving page is divided into three pages: test input, test force feedback and gain setting. Users can test the steering wheel angle, pedal strength and buttons, and the test force feedback page users can feel the force feedback effect of different actions through buttons. The gain setting part provides the force feedback strength and detail intensity settings, which can be adjusted according to personal preferences.

In the game, almost any performance about the vehicle can be transmitted to the hand through the force feedback system, whether it is the vibration after the fire, or the pressure on the shoulder or grass, or the pulling force brought by the brake deviation when entering the corner or rushing out of the track will be fed back to the user through the steering wheel, which is very close to the real driving feel. With the increase of speed, the steering feel will become heavier, and the road drop will be fed back to the palms and arms through the disc body, which is very rich in road details and makes the driving feel more real. Direct drive brush base also makes the feel more delicate and smooth, noise control is also very good, there is no common gear structure "click click" tooth sound, but also brings a better handling experience for users.

Overall, C5 version of C5 force feedback game steering wheel daily price of 1499 yuan, the overall performance is still in line with the price. Both the delicate degree of steering wheel force feedback and the feel of the pedals are very real, and the directional performance of the steering wheel is also very accurate, which also brings more real driving performance for users. Rich game support also makes this steering wheel more playable, a set of products can play more than 20 classic popular racing masterpieces, or very worthwhile.

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